Jamie Shouldn't Regret Becoming Christian Grey

For any actor who takes a role in what is destined to become a major movie franchise, there's always a moment of pause. Not even Jennifer Lawrence was immune to wondering if becoming Katniss in The Hunger Games was a good idea, and that franchise was arguably a fantastic decision for all parties involved. And obviously, the stakes are even higher when movies like Fifty Shades of Grey are concerned, because as awesome as it is to star in a movie that is so highly anticipated, it can't be easy to decide whether you're OK being known as the lead in a BDSM-themed love story for the rest of your career. In fact, there's even been debate that Dornan hates Fifty Shades of Grey just as much as Robert Pattinson hates Twilight, but ultimately, I think Dornan's OK with the choices he's made. And it's a good thing, because the evidence speaks for itself. It's obvious even to me that Dornan shouldn't regret taking the role in Fifty Shades.

After all, he is on his way to household name status. And isn't that what every actor dreams of?

The money is ridiculous

I mean, have you seen the numbers Fifty Shades pulled in during its first 36 hours of release alone? They're almost unthinkably high, and this is only the beginning. The books are widely beloved and the movie pulled in a record setting audience. This has to mean awesome things for Dornan's bank account.

Everyone knows who he is

Between the hype around the casting, the hype around the filming, and the hype around the movie itself now that its made, Dornan has been at the center of it all. Prior to being cast as Christian Grey, I couldn't have picked this dude out of a lineup. The movie's success is doing leaps and bounds for Dornan's star power.

He has job security for the next few years

The next two books are officially being adapted into movies, which means Dornan is gainfully employed for the next few years with the guarantee of more amazing paychecks. If there was ever a time to buy your own private island, this is it, Dornan. Don't let this windfall go to waste!

This is going to open up tons of opportunities in the future

Who doesn't want Jamie Dornan's name attached to their projects right now? He's a big draw. I'd hasten to say that he now has the privilege of being very selective with his future roles and can probably play anybody he wants. Some actors work their whole lives and never reach this stage in their careers, so Dornan should be proud of his accomplishments. There's no shame in the Christian Grey game!

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