6 Online Dating Tips From A Surprising Source

Everybody and their mom has tried online dating at least once, and yet few have mastered the game. There are countless inane studies (often funded by dating sites themselves) that tell you who finds what most attractive and how to maximize your profile, but according to Business Insider, more and more people are asking Reddit for dating advice instead.

I was a bit skeptical about the kind of tips and tricks that might be floating around out there in the dark corners of reddit, so I started to explore the cavernous reaches of /r/dating_advice myself. Once you get past the MRA's waxing psychotic on how women are lying harpies, and the teenagers lamenting how they're sure to die alone, there's actually a lot of sane advice on the site. Some of the threads get downright warm and fuzzy, with strangers cheering other strangers on as they right swipe and message their way to love (or something like that).

Here are six responses to common online dating questions on Reddit that might be sort of obvious to the experts, but for those who need some help on their internet love quests, they're pretty spot on.

1. Which sites are best for relationships v. hookups?

2. What should you write in your profile?

3. What kind of images should you include in your profile?

4. What's the best way to initiate contact?

5. What's a safe place to meet IRL?

6. What's the best way to deal with rejection?

Images: Giphy; Reddit (6)