Gaga & Kinney Already Got Married... Sort of

It was announced Monday that Lady Gaga and her beau/professional stud muffin Taylor Kinney got engaged on Valentine's Day. After the proposal, the two of them headed over to Gaga's family-owned trattoria in New York's Upper West Side, Joanne. As out there as Gaga may be in her art and public expression, it turns out she's pretty old school when it comes to her romance with Kinney. Gaga just showed off the big bling, and it's as lovey-dovery as the couple themselves. Next to a picture of the huge heart-shaed diamond, the mother of Monsters wrote on her Instagram, “He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day, and I said YES!” Gaga and Kinney met on set of her "You and I" music video. Not only do Gaga and Kinney display some major passion for each other in the video, it's chock full of symbolism that these two were headed for marriage.

Heck, they even get married in it. After watching the video, it's easy to see that there was plenty of chemistry and there's no doubt it was love at first sight. The song itself is all about devotion and getting back the one that got away. It might not be their exact story, but at least the sentiment of incomparable love is still there.

Let's take a look at how "You and I" proves Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney were destined for each other. Mermaids and all.

The Wedding

Um, if this isn't a clear indicator, I don't know what is.

Something Blue

I see you with that hair, Gaga.

His Wings Match Hers

And what a sexy set of feathers they are...

This Hotness

Mr. and Mrs. Smith who?

The Mermaid

In the video, she's a mermaid and he's a mad scientist. Sure, they don't seem like the likeliest of pairs, but the love is there. Just like you would expect from a Lady Gaga love story.

Watch how they met in full:

Congratulations, you two!