16 Oscar Party Recipes Based On Your Favorite Best Picture Nominees, From 'Birdman' To 'Boyhood'

The day that awards season has been leading up to is finally here — the Academy Awards will air on Feb. 22. And if you're looking for food and drinks to serve at your Oscar party, you're officially covered. Eight films have been nominated for the coveted Best Picture title — and only one can win the golden statuette. But you can benefit from all eight nominees from the comfort of your own home with this Best Picture nominee-inspired menu.

If you have a low tolerance for puns, beware my friends. Think of Bob's Burgers burger of the day — on steroids. I started making pun menus for my Oscar parties back in 2012 with cheese Moneyballs (I bought a bag of cheese balls and a lot of beer). As the years have gone by, my menu has become more sophisticated. (In 2013, I served Mango Unchained salsa and Zero Dark Dirty martinis. 2014 was rough with not very pun-friendly Best Picture movies like Gravity and Nebraska. Dippin' Dots and corn, anyone?) But the 2015 nominees have the (mostly) pun juices flowing!

If you're feeling quite ambitious, you can always make actual recipes from the movies (how to make Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat from The Grand Budapest Hotel is outlined on BuzzFeed), but typically, Oscar-nominated films aren't so much focused on food as intense performances and dramatic plot points.

So cheers to my favorite awards show of the season — the Oscars! — and enjoy trying out all (or some) of these 16 recipes.

Image: Foodie Crush

American Cider

Nothing says America like apples and bourbon — and nothing says awards show like booze. So celebrate Clint Eastwood’s nominated film American Sniper with this warm cocktail, and get your Oscar party started off right.

Image and recipe: My Baking Addiction

American Slider

If bourbon isn’t your thing, you can still keep with the Americana theme for American Sniper with these beef sliders with avocado and chipotle mayo (yum). Dare I say — Amerihamburger?? (No, no I don’t.)

Image and recipe: The Comfort of Cooking

The Theory of Everything Bagel Chips

A simple recipe (very unlike Stephen Hawking’s genius brain), these everything bagel chips make for an easy appetizer for Best Picture-nominee The Theory of Everything. It’s also the only film to boast nominees in both major acting categories (Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones), so keep the chip bowl full.

Image and recipe: Food Fanatic

A Brief History of Thyme Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hawking wrote the book A Brief History of Time, so your guests can nibble on these thyme salted chocolate chip cookies as they ponder black holes and celebrities wardrobe choices.

Image and recipe: Deliciously Yum

Okra Winfrey Chips

Selma follows the march of peaceful protesters from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama to ensure equal voting rights. Okra chips are a Southern recipe, but it’s not just the location that inspired the dish — it’s actress and producer of Selma, Oprah Winfrey. Yes, this pun may be painful, but these okra chips certainly won’t be. (And you try finding foods that rhyme with the word “Selma.”)

Image and recipe: Never Enough Thyme

Chicken CacciaGlory

If you don’t feel like dealing with serving a full meal, this chicken cacciatore recipe (for the Best Original Song nominee “Glory” from Selma) could be simplified. Have the chicken in bite-size pieces, skip the pasta, and have the sauce on the side for dipping. It’ll be a homey snack to enjoy when John Legend and Common take home the gold. (We love this recipe by A Spicy Perspective.)

Image: Kelly Garbato/Flickr

WhipMash Potatoes

If you are prepared to do a full meal at your Oscar party, these mashed potatoes for the film Whiplash could be served as J.K. Simmons accepts his Best Supporting Actor award. And if you’ve got a lot of stuff on the stove, try making the mashed potatoes in the slow cooker beforehand.

Image and recipe: The Kitchn

Chicken Drum Sticks

Whiplash is a movie about a drummer, so why not serve these spiced chicken drumsticks with brown sugar and jalapeños? It will pair nicely with the mashed potatoes. I’ll be munching on these in sadness, knowing that Whiplash probably won’t win Best Picture.

Image and recipe: Climbing Grier Mountain

Enfigma Galette

In The Imitation Game, Alan Turing (portrayed by nominee Benedict Cumberbatch) has been tasked with breaking the Nazi’s unbreakable code machine — Enigma. Why not task yourself with something much easier by making this fig galette, which is delicious and simple (as long as you have access to the fruit — if you don’t there is always Enpigmas in a blanket). Branny Boils Over has the perfect recipe. And if you want to have a real rowdy party, you could always make eggs Benedict Cumberbatch for your hungover attendees the next morning.

Image: Michael Malecki/Flickr

The Imitation Game — Vegetarian Meatballs

These lentil and mushroom “meatballs” are made of imitation game (ahh, so clever — Turing would be proud). You can just put toothpicks in them if you want to serve as a side or appetizer — and take a bite every time Cumberbatch does something awesome. (Plus, it will be a nice filling treat for the vegetarians at your party.)

Image and recipe: Cookie and Kate

Birdman Wings

It’s time to be like Michael Keaton in Birdman and take flight with these honeyed Sriracha chicken wings. I love hot and honey wings, and these could complement your Whiplash drumsticks (hope you’ve got a lot of chicken lovers coming to your party).

Image and recipe: Foodie Crush


Hey! I’ve been neglecting an essential part to any party — the alcohol! Riggan in Birdman enjoyed getting a post-preview drink, so join Keaton if he wins Best Actor with these Birdmanhattans.

Image and recipe: The Kitchn

The Grand BudaPesto Grilled Cheese

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? (I know there must be some people out there, but I’ve never come across them.) Make these adult roasted tomato and pesto grilled cheeses with brie for your guests, and see them marvel at how you made this simple snack as classy as the Grand Budapest Hotel itself.

Image and recipe: Joy the Baker

The Grand Marnier Hotel

The Academy Awards may not be as boozy as the Golden Globes, but that shouldn’t stop you from serving a few cocktails. Use the orange-flavored liqueur Grand Marnier in one of your drinks in honor of the The Grand Budapest Hotel. This yummy strawberry satsuma champagne sangria is perfect for the party if your favorite movies or actors win since champagne is the drink of celebration. Plus, it adds to your well-balanced diet with some fresh fruit.

Image and recipe: How Sweet It Is

Patricia Croquettes

Did I just mention fruit? I think we need to incorporate some fried food — stat. In honor of likely Best Supporting Actress winner Patricia Arquette in Boyhood, make these fun, two-bite sized potato croquettes with ham. I don’t eat pork, but these really do look scrumptious.

Image and recipe: Apron and Sneakers


As enjoyable as the Oscars are, it’s a long night. If your guests need a pick-me-up, turn to this peanut butter mocha frappuccino recipe made with soy milk. You could even serve it in a mason jar after the titular boy in the film, Mason. This dessert drink will get everyone to the end of the show — when Boyhood potentially wins the big prize — Best Picture.

Image and recipe: What’s Cooking, Love?