16 Oscar Party Recipes Based On Your Favorite Best Picture Nominees, From 'Birdman' To 'Boyhood'

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The day that awards season has been leading up to is finally here — the Academy Awards will air on Feb. 22. And if you're looking for food and drinks to serve at your Oscar party, you're officially covered. Eight films have been nominated for the coveted Best Picture title — and only one can win the golden statuette. But you can benefit from all eight nominees from the comfort of your own home with this Best Picture nominee-inspired menu.

If you have a low tolerance for puns, beware my friends. Think of Bob's Burgers burger of the day — on steroids. I started making pun menus for my Oscar parties back in 2012 with cheese Moneyballs (I bought a bag of cheese balls and a lot of beer). As the years have gone by, my menu has become more sophisticated. (In 2013, I served Mango Unchained salsa and Zero Dark Dirty martinis. 2014 was rough with not very pun-friendly Best Picture movies like Gravity and Nebraska. Dippin' Dots and corn, anyone?) But the 2015 nominees have the (mostly) pun juices flowing!

If you're feeling quite ambitious, you can always make actual recipes from the movies (how to make Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat from The Grand Budapest Hotel is outlined on BuzzFeed), but typically, Oscar-nominated films aren't so much focused on food as intense performances and dramatic plot points.

So cheers to my favorite awards show of the season — the Oscars! — and enjoy trying out all (or some) of these 16 recipes.

Image: Foodie Crush

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