This Pink Kitchen Hasn't Been Touched Since 1956

If you have ever spent more than five minutes in a room with me, you'll know that I am painfully, irrevocably, ridiculously in love with pastel pink. Bella and Edward's love story has nothing on me and my pinksanity. As this is a family-wide obsession, most people who come to our house are immediately floored by our entirely pink kitchen, down to the Hello Kitty toaster. Alas, even our glorious kitchen pales in comparison to this pink kitchen that hasn't been touched since the 1950s. Just looking at it makes me feel like a part of my soul was ripped out and put into kitchen appliances.

The kitchen belongs to furniture designer Nathan Chandler, who purchased the house after it had been sealed since 1956 for unknown reasons. (I REALLY NEED TO KNOW THOSE REASONS, BY THE WAY. That sounds ominous as hell and I'm so into it.) As a result of being untouched for so long, his pictures of it look like a kitchen time machine, or something straight off the set of Mad Men. It's so beautiful that I literally want to curl up on the floor and live in it until I die. No word on whether the appliances still work, but when they look that wonderful, does it even matter anymore?! (It should be noted that I am a spectacularly terrible cook and would choose a broken mid-century appliance over a functional, new one any day.)

These pictures just prove what the fans of pink already knew: there are plenty of grown up, sophisticated ways to incorporate pink into your decor. As for me, I'm going to be burning these images into my brain forever, so someday when I'm rich and famous enough to live in a Taylor Swift-grade loft in NYC, I can tell the designers that this right here is exactly what I want and that no other pastels need apply:

Images: demilked/Twitter