18 Slow Cooker Recipes To Warm You Up On These Frigidly Cold, Awful Winter Nights

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When the weather outside is frightful, as it usually is during the winter months, the frost-bitten among us desperately search for new sources of warmth. Some opt for new fitness routines, while others rely on a bottle of booze. Then there are those like me who turn to the kitchen in hopes of creating a meal that warms us from the inside out — and when it comes to whipping up delicious comfort meals, these slow cooker recipes can't be beat.

Unfortunately during this culinary quest, we face a challenge that 20-somethings know all too well — time. As young professionals, we often push ourselves to work late in hopes of impressing the boss and climbing up the corporate ladder. By the time we get home at 8 o'clock (or even later), we don't have the desire to whip up our favorite comfort foods.

But fear not my fellow millennials, for there is a machine that can create mouth-watering, body-warming meals while you slave away at the office. No, it's not your mother (though a girl can dream). It's a slow cooker. This bad boy has the ability to prepare an entire meal — meats included — by simmering the foods all day. Though the slow cooker is often associated with award-winning chili recipes, it can be used to create so much more. Here, a sampling of 18 slow cooker dishes that will keep you warm throughout the winter.

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