Happy National Margarita Day!

Pick up a bottle of Patrón and plug in the blender folks, because February 22 is National Margarita Day! Excluding tropical vacations and Cinco de Mayo, which — let's be honest — is more about the guacamole, this is the one time of year where it's completely acceptable to spend your entire day sipping on a frosty alcoholic beverage. If the weather was a little (OK, a lot) warmer, then it'd be the perfect day.

Sadly, not everyone shares my enthusiasm for National Margarita Day. Over the years, this delicious drink has earned a not-so-sweet reputation. Often linked to regrettable spring break stories and people going too wild, many believe the margarita to be the "bad girl" of beverages. Some even go so far as to suggest we should celebrate something sophisticated like wine instead.

I have to politely disagree with these naysayers. Can margaritas turn people into their out-of-control doppelgängers? Absolutely. But what alcohol doesn't do that? Rather than focusing on the margarita's flaws, why not highlight all the amazing aspects of this particular cocktail? In honor of National Margarita Day, here are nine ways margaritas improve our lives and, therefore, deserve a day of celebration. Because as my mother always tells me, you should never judge a cocktail by its glass... or something like that.

1. They turn us into better dancers

Under the influence of any other alcohol, you have the grace of a drunk baby elephant (and it's not nearly as cute). But once a frozen margarita hits your lips, you turn into a Beyoncé back up dancer, if not Queen B herself. Make sure to know your limits though, as too many cocktails can quickly turn a sexy routine into a strip tease.

2. They build stronger bones

Milk isn't the only drink that does the body good. Agave, the main ingredient in tequila, may help protect you from osteoporosis. Research from the American Chemistry Society found that fructans from the plant can aid in the body's absorption of calcium.

3. They make us honest

There are three things that make people tell the truth: torture, Wonder Woman's lasso of truth, and a strong margarita. Since the first is illegal and the second doesn't exist, a frosty beverage may be the best way to tell someone what you really think of them.

4. They give us confidence

Even the most timid soul becomes bolder once they have a margarita in their hand. And trust me, when you're trolling the bar for fellow singletons, you need all the confidence you can get.

5. They make us feel more presidential

Many would assume President Barack Obama prefers wine or whiskey. But when the POTUS wants to kick back, he does so with an ice cold margarita. No word from the White House on his favorite flavor though.

6. They convince us to try new things

Not all alcohol-induced ideas are good ones. That being said, most of us are able to look back on our margarita adventures and misadventures while smiling and laughing.

7. They provide us with a daily dose of fruit

OK this may be a bit of a stretch, but we had to find some justification for drinking a 500-calorie cocktail.

8. They bring out our sassy side

In most situations, having an overabundance of attitude is a negative quality. Until someone at the bar starts attacking you. Then that smart mouth is your ticket to verbal victory.

9. They help us relax

Yes, all alcohols numb the nervous system and slip people into a calmer state. A margarita, however, mentally transports us to a tropical destination that's free from work and other stresses. It essentially gives us an all-inclusive vacation for a mere $10. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

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