Hollywood Anderson Is Sent Home On 'American Idol' Proving That You Need To Take This Show Seriously To Go Far

It's judgement day. And no I'm not talking about the movie. The American Idol judges are cutting the Top 48 to the Top 24 — and some of those cuts have been really tough. While it's obviously really hard for any artist who has their dreams crushed by the judges, some goodbyes have been harder than others for both the judges and the rejected artist. Last night proved difficult to one performer who was sent home after an impromptu sing-off, but the most tearful goodbye of all has been to busker "Hollywood" Anderson. And though the22-year-old is super talented and deserves a shot at the title, he deserved getting the boot.

Hollywood blew the judges away in his first audition, but he continuously disappointed in his namesake city. First, he missed the mark with his performance of "Someone Like You." You would think the judges harsh comments would have inspired him to work harder in the group rounds — but guess again. He failed to lead his team properly which resulted in a disjointed performance, but he was surprisingly spared — though many of his team members faced a worse fate. He must have learned by now, RIGHT?! Wrong. Though his performance at the House of Blues was good, it was safe. He didn't show off his powerful voice, nor did he really flaunt his unique style. This ultimately cost him a ticket to the Top 24.

Don't get me wrong, Hollywood is an amazing performer. As a street performer, he knows how to get the attention of a crowd. On top of that, he has a big personality and strong voice — two qualities that are key to winning American Idol. Hollywood could have made it far in this competition if he had taken it a little more seriously — and that's a fact he definitely realized. After receiving the news, Hollywood broke down in tears thanking the judges for the constructive criticism. I'm sure he will take their wise words into consideration when he's back singing on the streets of New York — and hopefully back for Idol to try at a second (or fifth?) chance next season. Better luck next time, buddy.

Image: YouTube - American Idol