Guy Texts Wrong Number, Gets Decorating Advice

Being the most notorious queen of oversharing that I am, I live in mortal fear of texting the wrong number about how I woke up with chocolate smeared all over my hair (again). This hasn't happened yet because my phone seems to be vigilant about my stupidity by automatically grabbing my contacts from Facebook, but apparently wrong number texts are still a thing that happen. In one case, it resulted in the hilarious conversation between a stranger and this dad who got really great decorating advice after texting a wrong number.

I don't know who these people are or where they live, but I do know that I aspire to be both of them, because they just engaged in some truly commendable random teamwork to collectively make a little girl's day. The man thought he was texting someone about his daughter's mother (referred to as "D") and her reluctance to let him paint their daughter's room blue like she asked; apparently "D" thought that pink was more appropriate for a girl. In a more boring and predictable world, after realizing it was a wrong number, the conversation would have ended, but because these two strangers are doing life correctly, they took the opportunity to jointly champion over gender bias and pick a shade of blue that undoubtedly make 3-year-old Tamiya the happiest little kid whose Dad ever texted the wrong person.

Honestly, I haven't seen any wrong numbers quite this epic since the #WeStillComing incident in 2014, and while that did turn out to be a set-up, I still smile fondly at the brief few days when we thought the the resulting photo was a happy accident. I'm hoping that this conversation was a genuine one, though, because it reminded us all of that humanity can be pretty great, and that there are awesome and supportive parents who let kids express themselves:

Images: Getty Images; Imgur