Will Robert Pattinson Be At The Oscars?

As most know by now, the Oscars are set to happen this Sunday, Feb. 22, which means emotional acceptance speeches, the inevitable hard-hitting snubs, and, of course, the famous red carpet fashion. It's exciting to see what the stars choose to wear before walking into the awards show and what they have to say in interviews before the show starts, even if not all of the actors and actresses attending are actually nominated. It's even more interesting if some of the actors and actresses attending got snubbed for awards. Robert Pattinson was one of many stars on the Oscar snub list this year. Though the Twilight alum generated quite a bit of Oscar potential buzz for his film The Rover, he didn't end up getting the nod. So some fans might be wondering if he will be attending the awards show despite not getting nominated.

Since Pattinson has not yet given any confirmation on whether or not he will be at the Oscars, it is really up in the air. As said, he is not on the list of nominated actors. His film The Rover was not included in any nods, nor were any of the other people involved directly with that film nominated. Pattinson was also not on the list of people who will be performing or presenting at the awards show. So at first glance, it might seem unlikely that Pattinson would make an appearance. But if he does show up, it wouldn't be his first time attending without a nomination.

As seen from the video clip above, Pattinson has indeed graced the Oscars red carpet before without the promise of a potential award. In 2009, he hit the awards show because even the Academy could not overlook the huge impact the Twilight series had on its teen audience. He even got the chance to show a montage of footage from the year's most romantic films with Amanda Seyfried. Granted, this was back when Twilight was in its heyday and it doesn't seem like Pattinson's latest films have reached quite as large of a fan base as his breakout films did. But it is a sign that he wouldn't necessarily need to be nominated in order to show up. And judging by his reaction in the clip, it looks like he was excited just to be there. He said,

It’s insane. When they first told me about this, I was like, "No, no, no, no, no, you’re joking" — or "I’m going to have to do something really stupid like get gunged!"

So it looks like he could have fun with walking the red carpet again, if he's invited. It doesn't hurt that one of Pattinson's good friends, Eddie Redmayne, is up for a nomination this year for Best Actor for his performance in The Theory Of Everything . Seeing as the two guys have known each other for a long time, it wouldn't be completely out of the ordinary if Pattinson did show up to support him. But seeing as how private the actor is, we shouldn't hold our breath for him to confirm whether he is or isn't going before Sunday.

We will have to keep our eyes peeled for him on the red carpet!


Image: Getty Images