Get a Glimpse of Taylor Swift's Closet

You know when you do something on purpose, and accidentally do something else at the same time? I would call that accidentally on purpose. And a glimpse of Taylor Swift's closet was just revealed to the world, accidentally on purpose.

The songstress posted a video on her Facebook of her doing damage control on her kitty cat, Olivia Benson. According to Swift, Benson jumped into the bathtub causing her to get blow dried down. The video shows Swift calmly holding her cat, who is not feeling the activity. But if you look close enough, you can see what looks like a dream of a closet behind her. There seems to be spotlighted section — almost like tons of little closets put together into one big closet. This little sneak peak leads me to believe one thing: it's a wonderful Narnia in there.

And as a poor Brooklynite, I can assure you that her closet is probably bigger than my entire apartment. But she isn't the only one. Fashionable celebs are known for creating palaces for their clothes (I mean, why wouldn't you?). Here are a few of the best celeb closets around. Get ready to be jealous.

1. Kate Moss

The supermodel shared her closet with Vogue, back in December 2014. One thing you'll notice about her closet: she has a very distinct way of organizing her purses and has drawers full of sunglasses.

2. Mariah Carey

You guys remember MTV Cribs, right? Well, back when that was a thing (2002), Mariah Carey's closet was featured, showing her over 1,000 pairs of shoes stored in a marble closet. And I thought I had a lot of shoes.

3. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's style has really changed over the years. And now she has a closet to match her wardrobe. Using a combination of plastic, wire, and wooden bins, Alba even organized her closet in a pretty way.


4. Kim Kardashian

You had to know that one of the Kardashian sisters was going to be on this list. Amongst all of the Yeezus wear is a purse from every Louis Vutton collection. So, yeah. Her closet is cool.

5. Kelis

Kelis' closet might actually be my favorite closet because it looks more like a costume store than something that would be in someone's house. To add to the coolness, unlike a regular closet, Kelis stores all her favorite pieces in her "woman cave," aka the attic. YAS.

Araya Diaz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Images: Getty (3), Mariah Carey/MTV Cribs, Kim Kardashian/Instagram