Aziz Ansari Writes A Tribute To Harris Wittels & It Proves What A Loss This Is

The unexpected loss of Harris Wittels left Hollywood and comedy fans reeling on Thursday. Parks and Recreation 's executive producer was found dead of an alleged drug overdose at age 30. Amy Poehler opened up about the loss of her friend and colleague before going on stage at a Beverly Hills gala that same day. Now another Parks and Rec star has shared what Wittels meant to him. With a touching tribute on his Tumblr, Aziz Ansari wrote about Wittels, who he considers his "friend, colleague, & hero."

While the entire post is worth a read (seriously, go read it!), here are a few highlights that really capture who Wittels was as a person. Overall, Ansari's post is heartbreakingly beautiful and serves as an amazing tribute. Even someone who hasn't seen any of Wittels' work can appreciate his sense of humor based on the stories Ansari shares.

He begins by sharing what a unique person Wittels was:

There are so few people that you meet in life that give you that feeling that you’ve found a real unique, original person. Harris Wittels was one of those and we lost him yesterday. He was 30 years old. I’ve been devastated.

Ansari had been spending a lot of time with Wittels last week, even seeing him the day before his death. They'd been working on a script together, and as always, he could rely on Wittels to add perfect jokes. According to Ansari, Wittels was "probably the funniest comedy writer out there. He was just a machine."

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Not only did they work together on Parks and Rec, but Ansari and Wittels had other plans in the works. They were even planning to move to New York together in March to start a new project. Ansari writes,

This news is all the more tragic, considering even bigger projects were on the way. Ansari explains that we hadn't even seen Wittels' full capability yet, saying,

He concludes the piece with this:

Even without knowing Wittels firsthand, the impact he created is undeniable, and it's tributes like Poehler's and Ansari's that prove what a loss this truly is.

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