7 Amazing Jennifer Aniston Oscar Moments

Well, that was the longest Sunday night ever. Anyone else agree? Thanks to the 2015 Academy Awards, most of us spent all day and evening watching Oscar coverage. I don't know about you, but I'm a little worn out. Thankfully, we had some celebrities make up for what seemed to be longest award show ever (not to mention the most boring at times), including Jennifer Aniston who totally rocked the Oscars red carpet and the awards show.

As we all know, Aniston and Emma Stone hugged it out on the red carpet drawing even more attention to the fact that these two are amazing. Plus, Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Theroux took that fantastic selfie making us all wish we were hanging with them all night. Do you notice the common denominator in these top Oscar moments? Yes, it's Jennifer Aniston.

Even though the Cake actress wasn't nominated for an award, Aniston proved she didn't need an Oscar nom to have fun or rock the entire night. Once again, she showed us all why she's a classy, graceful, beautiful woman who we all want to be best friends with. You couldn't even tell Aniston was overlooked for a nomination, which goes to show you how fabulous she is. With that said, here are seven Aniston Oscar moments that not only will we talk about for years to come, but also prove she handled her Oscar snub with class.

When She Walked The Red Carpet With Justin


Yeah, they're one hot and adorable couple.

When She Did This


Her hands say it all: "Heyyy! I'm ready to party!"

When She & Justin Spotted Someone They Knew


I have no idea if they're waving at a fan or a friend, but that's what I like to assume is happening. Most likely, they spotted Meryl Streep and are freaking out — and rightfully so.

When She Hugged It Out With Emma Stone


Who else wants to join this love fest?

When She Photobombed J. Lo

See? She's freaking fun.

When She & Justin Took This Photo

Thanks to Vanity Fair, we now have this portrait to ogle.

When She Kissed Isla Fisher's Baby Bump

That baby is soooo lucky.

Every celeb's goal for next year's Oscars: hang out with Jennifer Aniston.

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