6 Beauty Changes Of A Newly Single Woman

When you're suddenly single, your whole beauty routine changes. There are so many reasons why you ditched your relationship. Maybe it’s because you got a potted plant for your three year anniversary (when you had been dropping serious hints about a diamond). Maybe it’s because he snores like a diesel truck. Maybe it’s because she’s bringing home too many stray cats. Whatever the reason — girl, you are finally free.

In relationship land, it’s easy to forget that you are a fabulous woman. Yes, yes, you're a multi-faceted lady — with depth and intellect and integrity — and we all know that you know that happiness isn't based on appearances. But when an "evening out" with a long-term partner starts looking more like Uggs with sweats and takeout pizza versus party dresses, thigh highs, and sexy heels, things might need to change.

When you’re single, your whole world revolutionizes. Sometimes you hit the ground running after a split, and sometimes you have to listen to breakup songs on repeat for hours. Whichever the case, when you are ready to reenter life, you have some tried and true beauty moves that kick in. There's something about being single that makes it feel damn good to get your lady peacock on and strut the town. And if your heart's a wee bit hurt about being single, it's totally science that looking terrific is the best revenge. See how your daily beauty routine changes when you’re out of a relationship and back in the world of the sexy.

1. You Ditch the Chapstick for Red Lipstick

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When you’re single, you let your lip color do the talking. You stash the school girl cherry-flavored lip balm at the bottom of the makeup drawer and bust out the big guns. Your red and coral lip liners live in your wallet for on-the-go touch-ups. Gently exfoliating your lips with a soft toothbrush is suddenly a major priority. You become an expert on the best long lasting lipsticks. And by long lasting, you really mean kiss-proof.

2. You Are Prepared for Any Scenario

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You become the Boy Scout of beauty on-the-go. There's something about being single that means you're constantly on your game. Your car, desk, purse, and gym bag all have mini glamour bags. Your little survival kits gracefully save you after an impromptu one night stand, before unplanned happy hour beverages with the work crush, and post lunchtime power yoga meltdown. Let's all admit it. You're basically the MacGyver of makeup.

3. Your Razors Make a Comeback


Maybe you had a hobbit hair moment over winter. Yes, not shaving is easier. But no, it’s definitely not as delightful. When you’re a single woman unleashed on the world, you opt for sleek and smooth over hairy and warm. You start buying over-priced razors that promise magically touchable legs. You invest in skin moisturizing shave gel. You spend luxurious extra shower minutes with the loofah to get your legs primed for perfection. Then you super hydrate with softly scented lotions. Your legs are a work of art, after all.

4. Mascara Becomes a Must

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When you're single, natural beauty tips get tossed on the backburner. You ramp up the heat with high wattage mascara. You wear mascara to pick up your mail or go to the corner store. Because, let's face it: it feels kind of rad to be fancy. You invest in wildly expensive eye makeup remover in home and travel sizes (because you learned in your last single girl season that DiorShow stains pillowcases like a mother). Sometimes you make mistakes and wear non-waterproof mascara on a "yoga date," but you learn quick enough.

5. Waxing For the Win


Everyone is guilty of letting the lady jungle grow. You’re not alone. It was easy to do when you were all hugged up in a relationship. You got sick of ingrown hairs and dealing with upkeep and it’s not like your partner really cared that much anyway, right? Plus, there's absolutely nothing wrong with letting your hair grow freely. But for some reason, when you’re single, you’ve got a standing monthly appointment at the waxing studio down the street. Your underwear selection starts to reflect your newfound downstairs freedom. Things aren’t looking so wild anymore, and you wear teeny-weeny lace thongs with impunity. Life is sweet again. And you invest in medicated bikini zone gel treatments.

6. Salon Visits Skyrocket

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You realize you don’t really like the way your brown roots completely overtook your honey highlights. The conversation you had with your ex about saving money by dying your hair at home doesn’t really count anymore. You start seeing your colorist again. You forget how much you missed his or her sassy celebrity gossip. Your go-to hair bun disappears in favor of a home blowout to show off your gorgeous cascading locks. And you justify to the budget gods why it is reasonable to pay $250 every six weeks to sit in a chair for three hours with your head wrapped in foil.

Sweetheart, you are the whole package — brains, beauty, and single lady savvy. The world better be on the lookout when you're on the loose. Your makeup routine makes spicy changes and you let your foxy flag fly. So go on and live it up before the next person swoops up your fine, single ass.

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