What To Do If You Make Kim K's Beauty Mistake

Kim Kardashian committed a cardinal beauty mistake last night. She may have her eyelash game down pat, achieved the perfect nude lip, and even owns her own haircare line with her sisters, but even Kim has broken one of the 10 Commandments of Beauty. Girl fell asleep in her makeup last night. And tweeted to tell the tale.

Your mom, your grandma, and maybe even your great grandma have all warned you not to do it. But admit it, we've all done it: You get home way too late after a few too many drinks and, stumbling through the door, all you think about is crashing into bed, never mind getting changed or taking off your makeup. Hell, you're lucky if you remember to take off your shoes!

But you know you've made a mistake when you wake up and your mascaraed eyelashes are glued together, your skin is grimy and uncomfortably oily, and your eyeliner is now on the side of your face. And the situation doesn't improve once you finally do slough off last night's face and discover that your bad beauty decision has resulted in some lovely zits, clogged pores, and a nasty sheen.

As Kim Kardashian's Twitter proves, this beauty boo-boo really does happen to everyone. We're all in this together, guys! So, how does one remedy their makeup slumber party the next morning? We've got you covered! Check out these skin-repairing tricks below to save face after falling asleep with your makeup on. Now, just try not to do it all again tomorrow night, okay?

1. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub

This one probably goes without saying, but the first thing you're going to want to do after waking up with your lipstick all over your face and pillow is wash that stuff off! Start with a calming cleanser to remove heavy-duty eye-makeup, then follow up with a scrub that's not kidding around. The soothing ingredients in the Aloe Gentle Exfoliator from The Body Shop will begin to calm the skin, while the cleansing microbeads will unclog pores.

2. Attack the Acne

Dab a medicated acne pad (like Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Treatment Pads) on oily spots that look like they're about to breakout. However, don't sweep the pad over your entire face, as it will further irritate dry patches.

3. Soothe the Skin

Next, smooth on a calming skin mask that your thirsty face can drink up. The luxe and creamy Calma Mask by Mario Badescu is a skin savior for it's ultra gentle ingredients that can help with anything from dryness, to acne, to rosacea. Pro tip: It even soothes razor burn! If your skin is not as sensitive as others, try a more aggressive detoxing mask like The Stripper by Perfectly Posh for super deep cleanse and rejuvenation.

4. Prevention is the Best Medicine

Next time, scrup off your foundation before your head hits that pillow. Keep a package of no-water-necessary cleansing wipes — like Aveeno's Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes — for quick makeup removal on those nights when you just can't drag yourself over to the bathroom skin. Minimal moving necessary.

Images: Courtesy Brands