You Have To Watch Bieb's Roast Promo

Have you ever yearned to throw something messy at Justin Bieber? If the answer is yes, then you should stop what you're doing and watch the following video. Comedy Central has just released the Justin Bieber Roast promo, and if this is any indicator, it looks like he's gonna finally get what's coming to him. Meaning, he will have eggs hurled at him for an extended period of time.

In a nod to Bieber's January 2014 vandalism charges, the promotional video features a shirtless Justin Bieber welcoming a slow-motion barrage of eggs with his arms outstretched. To make things more epic, "Carmina Burana" plays in the background. Somewhere in the world, the neighbors whose house he egged are throwing up their fists in glory and screaming "VENGEANCE!! SWEET VENGEANCE!!"

Thus far, Bieber has shown some apparent good-naturedness over the roast, which will air on March 30 and be hosted by Kevin Hart, by talking it up on Twitter. He even LOL-ed at the dead-on impression that Kate McKinnon did of him in that Saturday Night Live parody of his Calvin Klein ad. In short, he REALLY wants us to know that he's ready to laugh at himself. Seriously, guys... He SWEARS he has a sense of humor!! LOL!!

In my opinion, if he wants to show how silly he is, the entire special should be two hours of egg-pelting. Cut the jokes. Cut the hosts. All we need is this.

Ideally, there will be a whole produce section's worth of messy vegetables, fruits, and dairy products to sweeten the pot. Not only would this be totally hilarious, it would be extremely satisfying. And it would double as a great performance art piece!