9 Things Introverts Secretly Love

If you’re the type who’d rather curl up with your Netflix than leave the protective confines of your home, you’ll probably identify with this video. BuzzFeed’s “9 Things Introverts Secretly Love” is for those of us whose preference for working from home has little to do with sweatpants and more to do with a deeply rooted social anxiety (but also sweatpants).

Introversion isn’t all that bad, afterall. There’s a whole slew of information that supports its outward benefits to society (those not always immediately apparent to extroverts). A recent report from Business Insider, for instance, outlined why introverted personalities are actually better equipped for positions of leadership, in addition to being better listeners, level-headed, and finding comfort in solitude.Also, let’s be real: an inclination to stay home over hitting some expensive cocktail lounge has its benefits (because savings!). And sure, you may not leave the house as frequently, but introverts are well aware their baseline for social interaction is much easier met that their extroverted counterparts. And what about all the reading (or Netflix) with which you're filling your cultural quota — alone, in peace, without the nagging of a sentient companion?Watch the video below to solidify all of the aforementioned truths with a little humor from our friends at BuzzFeed.

Image: Andres Rodriguez/Fotolia