This Dad Joke Duel Is The Most Reckless Use Of Puns You Will Ever See, God Help Us All — VIDEO

Before anybody proceeds with reading the rest of this post, I'm going to need you to strap on a helmet or some other protective headgear, because by the end of this journey you are going to face-palm so hard that you might actually give yourself a concussion. Everyone ready? Okay: You know how you spent most of high school trying to stop your dad from telling lame jokes and making your friends perpetually roll their eyes? You would think that, by now, we could've put an end to dad jokes, but alas, it is a plague that will never die. The problem has reached a level so out of our control that it inspired this pair of rival dads to have a joke duel. Just in case you thought this was some regular old harmless fun, you should know that they had the gall to call themselves the "Punslingers." Who gave them the right?!

You might find the sequence of this video a little too alarmingly familiar, because it starts (as most terrible dad jokes do) with the families sitting down for what was supposed to be a nice, charming, un-punny dinner. However, I'd be hard pressed to remember something quite as dramatic as these two dads facing off in public. Imagine if Phil Dunphy were cloned without his knowledge and then ran into himself with another family at Applebee's, and this is basically a two-minute summation of everything that would happen.

It's a good thing that dads are occasionally funny (or accidentally, given the circumstances) because otherwise we would have no respite from their groan-worthy antics. I don't even know where these puns come from or how a brain can be hardwired to sabotage itself in such a way. DADS, WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?

Make sure your helmets are strapped, everyone. Then go ahead and watch your worst dad joke nightmare come to life:

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