Tiny Dog House Contains A Shocking Number Of Dogs

Basset hounds are natural comedians. Seriously, look at them: They appear to just exist in a constant state of endearing, floppy melting. Maybe that's how so many of these specific stout babes managed to shove themselves into a way-too-small kennel—they simply melted and seeped in. Regardless of exactly how or why it happened, the joy they bring to us humans from their mysterious workings is undeniable. And it looks like the dogs are just as excited about their feat as their utterly charmed owner (which, as it turns out, makes sense; Studies show dogs can actually pick up on people's emotions via facial expressions.)

OK, let's get down to the most important question at hand: How many basset hounds would you wager could theoretically fit into this igloo home? Also, side note: The person who's filming the whole situation, ending up on the adorable receiving end of all those smiling pup-faces? I want their life, chillin' on a porch with a swarm of droopy-faced animal friends, please. Sure, I have to assume that watching a herd of dogs pull ridiculous, melty-bodied antics with one another isn't her entire life, but it's at least part of it and that's close enough to "living the dream" for me. We all need goals and this fantasy of living with a bunch of basset hounds is my new one. But seriously, back to business: How many do you think are in that tiny dog house? Let's see.