The VS Swim Show Proved Strong Is Sexy

After the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show came the first ever VS Swim Show broadcast from Puerto Rico. It was less runway and more rock-away — oh, and there wasn't a set of wings in sight. Underwear and swimwear are basically the same thing except for the material: Lingerie and suits are small cuts of embellished cloth held up by string or clasps, exposing the body as much as possible (without risking arrest). Watching these types of barely there, paraded broadcasts can sometimes make viewers feel a little out of place. Throughout the show, I noticed pages of comparative body-guilt trending on Twitter.

In the past, VS has been protested for lack of diversity and petitioned for more plus-sized representation. All these chosen angels at Thursday nights show had similarly delicate cheekbones, smoldering eyes, and body measurements. Of course, they were all completely gorgeous, and far be it from me to shame anyone for being naturally thin. While some people don't mind a little motivation to stick to our New Year's resolutions to eat healthier, the show may push some impressionable girls to unrealistic fit goals or continue guys' stereotypical fantasies. Plus, the coinciding #VSUltimateChallenge campaign brings up the same issues I have with other social media contests, like yoga challenges and #thinspiration pics. The winning pictures are generally picture-perfect, with a peak pose that's bound to lead to some copycat injuries or some health nut body.

Thankfully, however, I was pleasantly surprised with the photos being posted to #VSUltimateChallenge stream. Most promoted working out for the sake of feeling good, not reaching some ridiculous "goal weight" (can we please get rid of that phrase forever, by the way?). We should applaud the real women who truly enjoy breaking a sweat to feel strong. It's not all about having "abs for days." We should strut our stuff regardless of what size we are and blow kisses to ourselves in the gym mirror.

I respect the work that the models put into their workout, especially the ones who bounce back from pregnancies but in average reality, their frames are not one size fits all.

To Victoria's Secret's credit:

VS model Candice explains "it's part of your lifestyle to be fit" and you don't want to bring your insecurities to sandy pastures. To train like a down-to-earth angel is to float away from the cold pressures of being alluring for thin's sake — you should work out or play sports because you actually enjoy it. This is about embracing women who are naturally thin or muscular. Sporty can be totally sexy.

Images: Getty; Instagram; Victoria's Secret