What Happens At Alexandria Safe-Zone In 'The Walking Dead' Comics? We May Lose Some Key Characters

The time has finally come and The Walking Dead group is entering Alexandria Safe-Zone, where they spend a significant amount of time in the comics the show is based on. However, just because they are in a “Safe-Zone” doesn't mean they are all actually safe. If the TV show follows the comic books, three main Walking Dead characters will die in Alexandria, and spoiler alert, you will not be happy about the potential victims. To be perfectly honest, things are about to get super emotional in the zombie world. Buckle up, fans, The Walking Dead is about to get crazy.

Last week we were introduced to Aaron and Eric, who will soon become our new favorite Walking Dead couple. The group got a little off course on their way to Alexandria, but at the end they found each other, and most importantly Aaron found Eric. Can you tell I’m obsessed with them? Rick & Co. will officially be brought into Alexandria Safe-Zone in the upcoming episode and this is going to become a major location for everyone. The plot is going to be different than we’ve seen in the past, but of course no one can remain too happy for long in a zombie apocalypse.

So who is likely to die before The Walking Dead moves on to its next location? Obviously, spoilers for The Walking Dead comics ahead.


In the comic books, Abraham makes it quite awhile in the Safe-Zone. He takes on responsibility with the construction crew who ensure that the walls are safe and no zombies are getting in. However, a group of Saviors attack Abraham and Eugene while they are outside the walls, and a Savior named Dwight shoots Abraham in the back of the head with a crossbow. Later, Rick and Andrea (who is still alive in the comics at this point) find Abraham being eaten by zombies. It’s very traumatic for everyone.

Morgan Jones

Yes, Morgan is at Alexandria Safe-Zone in the comics and they’ve hinted that we will be seeing him again on the TV show, so he’s either already at the Safe-Zone or following the group a short distance away. One thing you should know about Morgan in the comic books is that once inside Alexandria Safe-Zone, he ends up hooking up with Michonne, which is something I'd like to see on the show. Unfortunately a zombie bites him on the arm and even after an amputation, it’s too late. He passes away and Michonne has to kill him before he turns into a zombie.


Although he’s pretty new to us now, Eric will become an important character and we will pretty much become obsessed with him and Aaron’s relationship. So, it’s not going to be fun when these annoying Saviors (the same group that took Abraham) shoot Eric in the head. The worst part? He dies in Aaron’s arms.

Get ready for some emotional episodes of The Walking Dead if any of these deaths stay true to the comics.

Images: Gene Page (2), Greg Nicotero, Ben Leuner/AMC