Leonard Nimoy's Younger Years in Pictures

If you're still in shock over the heartbreaking news that Leonard Nimoy, known best for his role as Spock in Star Trek , died on Friday morning, you're not alone. People from all over the globe are devastated about Nimoy's passing, which just goes to show how much of an impact the actor (and his legendary character) had on the world during his life. And while the Nimoy most of us know is the man who is the first officer of the Starship Enterprise, his life meant so much more than that: Not only did he provide his talents as Spock for many incarnations of the Star Trek series, but he also had a long time career as an actor and even a director, calling the shots while filming movies like Three Men and a Baby. And while the younger Nimoy isn't someone many of us ever got to see, Nimoy shared many photos from his youth on his Twitter, usually tagged with his trademark LLAP — "Live long and prosper," of course.

In memory of Nimoy's extraordinary life, it's a good time to look back at his past and see who he was as he was growing up to become forever known and beloved for his role as Spock. Warning: Tears past this point are pretty much inevitable.

His Years in the US Army

You might not know this about Nimoy, but he served time in the Army as a Sergeant — and he looked pretty dashing doing it.

On The Carol Burnett Show

Regardless of what show he was on, Nimoy was always Spock.

In Boston as a teenager

It's crazy to think that the kid hanging out with his friends in this photo had no idea where his life was about to take him, as this photo was taken just before he left his hometown of Boston to try to become an actor in LA.

Nimoy's grandfather

Nimoy took this photo of his grandfather, who looks so much like his grandson.

In Boston with his friends circa 1948

Nimoy's at the top right in this photo, but you could probably tell that on your own because the Spock face never lies.

Headlining a Parade

This was only a year after Star Trek first aired, and obviously, it (along with Nimoy's fame) exploded instantly.

And finally, the sweetest photo ever.

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy.

Image: TheRealNimoy/Twitpic (2)