4 Reasons Why Kelly Clarkson's Daughter (& Everyone) Should See 'From Justin To Kelly' At Least Once

In a recent interview with TIME, the original American Idol shared something that made me figuratively drag the figurative needle across the figurative record. That something: Kelly Clarkson will not show her daughter the cinematic masterpiece that is From Justin to Kelly . When asked if/when she'll let her child see the movie, the "Invincible" singer laughed that she plans on keeping the 2003 musical's existence under wraps indefinitely. She said she pretends like the movie, which she stars in alongside fellow American Idol finalist Justin Guarini, doesn't exist, and will continue to pretend like it doesn't exist. "I want to own all of it," she told TIME. "I just want it to not be here."

If Clarkson wants to move on from the movie for good, that's her prerogative. And if Clarkson would rather her daughter not see the movie, that is also her prerogative. But being that I am a big fan of the iconic film, I am inclined to speak on From Justin to Kelly’s behalf. I will never miss an opportunity sing the musical's praises. That's my prerogative. I am of the belief that this movie is nothing to be ashamed of. It's a silly, campy romp. If you're having a crappy day, this blast in a glass of a movie is a surefire pick-me-up. Additionally, I am of the belief that everyone should watch the movie at least once. Because to not watch the movie would mean to miss out on the following things:

This fun beach party musical number

THE BOUNCE!!!!!!!!!!!

This stellar arm cuff

Honestly, Kelly's entire wardrobe in this movie is something we should all aspire to.

The hovercraft-a-palooza

Watching the hovercraft race is like watching humans reenact something from Diddy Kong Racing.

This text message

The most romantic text message that ever was.

Images: kelly-clarkson, dkc2/tumblr; 20th Century Fox