Kelly Osbourne's Best 'Fashion Police' Moments

Well, it's official: The lavender-haired fashion cop has left the E! precinct for good. Friday, E! Entertainment announced Kelly Osbourne has quit Fashion Police. Aw, man. I miss her already! I realize Osbourne wasn't everyone's cup of joe (I've read a lot of very pro-Kelly tweets, but I've stumbled upon a bunch of not-so-nice tweets, too), but she is, er, was my second favorite person on the panel (the number one will forever be Joan Rivers, of course). Not only do I dig her edgier style, but she's always seemed like the nicest of the fashion police officers. She would get snarky on occasion, sure, but it never came across as though she was being snarky for the sake of being snarky. And duh, I absolutely loved every time she'd nervously laugh at one of Rivers's caustic zingers. She's just endearing as all get-out.

I've rounded up some of my favorite Fashion Police moments of Osbourne's. She was on Fashion Police for five years, so there was a crazy amount of footage to choose from. (I'm sure that an hour from now, I'll think of more moments and kick myself for not thinking of them an hour before.) Here are some clips that are, as Osbourne might say, exquisite:

Kelly reacting to Joan

Honestly, I could watch her giggle at the hilarious things Joan says for hours. OH, WAIT. I HAVE. (If there is a Kelly laughing at Joan greatest hits montage out there, please let me know. I looked but came up empty-handed.)

Kelly's thoughts on Mariah Carey's sling

That sling IS everything.

Kelly's thoughts on Kelly Osbourne

The raccoon eye makeup look is timeless.

Kelly's thoughts on Justin Bieber

So diplomatic, that Osbourne.

When Kelly let Joan feed her a piece of hamburger, bird-style

The rest of the fashion cops followed Kelly's lead.

Kelly's suit

That suit is FIIIIIIIRE. Also? She quotes Spice World, so this clip is A+ in my book.

When Coco asked Kelly to grab her butt

I mean.