Did Ryan Gosling Get A Tattoo Dedicated To His Daughter? Let's Hope It's Temporary Ink — PHOTO

I have no doubt that Ryan Gosling is already an amazing father. From his sensitivity to his smarts, he has all the makings to be Celebrity Dad Of The Year. Sure, we haven't seen baby Esmeralda Amada yet, but that's because he and Eva Mendes decided to give their daughter as much privacy as possible — which is very respectable. Even though they've mostly kept parenthood under wraps, Gosling may have decided to celebrate his baby girl in a more permanent way. According to People, Ryan Gosling was spotted with his daughter's name written across his knuckles. They describe the potential ink as what "appears to be a new tattoo in honor of his daughter," explaining:

Although it remains to be seen if the ink is pen or more permanent, the actor ran errands with the baby’s nickname "Esme" written on his left fingers.

If you look closely, you can see the letters "E-S-M-E" written across his hand. It would make sense that this is a nickname for Esmeralda. Or since we only see one hand, perhaps the other one says "R-A-L-D-A"? If he stuck his two hands together, you'd get the full name! It's like some kind of dad magic trick he can whip out if anyone ever asks about his daughter.

Sonia Recchia/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All joking aside, let's talk about this ink. MTV wrote about Ryan Gosling's potential tattoo and called it "adorable," but I'd beg to differ. While Gosling is practically a perfect human being, I'm hoping this is just leftover magic marker from playing with his new baby. Maybe writing your kid's name across your knuckles is a parenting technique to teach kids their own names? As silly as that sounds, I prefer that to the alternative. Tattooing words across knuckles feels so early '00s and Good Charlotte-esque. (No offense to Benji Madden, who just got his new wife Cameron Diaz's name etched across his chest...)

I guess some people consider such a permanent gesture to be a reflection of permanent love, but it just feels a bit cheesy to me. Of course it's his body and he can design it however he wants; I just mean Gosling can be a great dad *without* needing a tattoo to prove it.

As for whether it's real, we'll just have to wait and see if those letters are on his hand the next time he's photographed out and about. In the mean time, check out the image below and speculate for yourself!

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