'Vanderpump Rules' Finale Will Address Tom Sandoval's Miami Hookup, Hopefully Once And For All — VIDEO

There are a couple unsolved mysteries that will forever puzzle the nation: Who killed JFK? Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? Where the hell is Amelia Earhart, and oh my god, did Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval hook up in Miami with a random girl and cheat on Ariana, or what. On Monday's Vanderpump finale, we might finally get to the bottom of this storyline that can't stop, won't stop. Jax, of course, is at the center of the controversy, and Kristen and Scheana, who flock to drama like drunk, dizzy flies to raw carnage, can't stop buzzing about Tom's alleged sexy time with 24-year-old Annamarie Kunkel. In this exclusive clip from the finale, the gang, dressed like greasers for Sur's annual photoshoot, swarm a pink Cadillac to once again bite each other, trying to get to the center of the Tom drahm.

Jax says he didn't tell Kristen that Tom had sex in Miami, then we cut to a clip of Jax telling Kristen that Tom had sex in Miami. Jax, swatting literal and figurative gnats away from his face, asks Tom why he's letting this rumor live. GREAT QUESTION. Tom is totally letting this rumor live. He needs to let it die, and Jax says as much. When Ariana shows up, the buzzing intensifies, Jax can't handle it, deflects onto Tom and Ariana's relationship, and flies away satisfied with his lies, pleased with the impending bloodbath.

Can't wait for Monday's finale.