Nick Young Defends Iggy Azalea After Sports Anchor Jumps On The Iggy Hate Bandwagon & Unnecessarily Insults Her — VIDEO

I figured Iggy Azalea would have "one less problem" when she quit Twitter, but I was wrong. People are still dissing Iggy Azalea, and the most recent hit comes from an unlikely source. ESPN anchor Robert Flores insulted Iggy Azalea while discussing her boyfriend NBA player Nick "Swagy P" Young and his recent encounter with some unfriendly dolphins. Flores said, "While dolphins are trying to kill you, your girlfriend is trying to kill hip hop." In response, Nick Young stood up for Azalea through a series of tweets directed at the SportsCenter anchor. And he was right to do so because Flores made a joke that was totally irrelevant.

It's interesting how we got to a point where Iggy Azalea jokes seem to be something everyone — even sports news anchors — is participating in, when not so long ago, this wasn't the case for the rapper. Personally, I enjoyed Azalea's music the first time I heard her single "Fancy," and when I saw the music video for the song, I considered myself a fan. I bopped hard to all of her singles and just thought that she seemed like a fun time. I wasn't the only one who felt this way, but then it seemed that the tide turned, and more of the focus was negative. There began to be news stories about her "feuds" with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Azealia Banks to Papa John's (yes, the pizza chain).

That said, Nick Young had a valid point when he called out Flores, because the reporter was not discussing a story about Iggy Azalea, and seemed to just be sipping that Iggy Azalea haterade without any basis for disapproval. Anyway, he is a sports reporter, not an entertainment news correspondent. There was no point in mentioning her name. If Flores wanted to voice an issue with Azalea, he could have done so in his own time from his personal social media accounts. There was no point in him talking about a rapper on a sports news program.

Young was right to stand up for Azalea, not just because they're dating, but because Flores made a completely baseless criticism and in an inappropriate place. The way it went down, it seems that Flores is simply hopping on the, unfortunate, bandwagon.