The Best Makeup Looks from Milan Fashion Week

It's been a good run of fashion weeks on the makeup fronts this year: First, there was New York Fashion Week, which showcased some truly crazy (but also surprisingly wearable?) runway beauty, then, London Fashion Week had some of the coolest looks around, from slightly smoked out purple cat eyes at Michael van der Ham (my personal favorite) to ridiculously chic oil slick-esque lips at Giles. Well, after New York and London leading the way, now it's Milan's time to shine, because Milan Fashion Week's makeup looks were equally as covetable.

Honestly, it's always fun looking at fashion week makeup, no? Whether it's clean and super minimalistic or wildly outlandish (how's Pat McGrath's neon, rhinestone-y take on Christian Dior Fall 2011 Couture for you? Or, more recently, the ghoulishly Ring girl-esque wet hair and black liner at Alexander Wang?) The minimal stuff is fun to use as inspiration for an everyday look, while the crazy-pants stuff is inspirational in a whole other way. Now, we're in luck, because MFW happened to have a little of both: Most of the looks tended towards the pretty-pretty, but some ventured into the strange-pretty zone.

1. Dolce & Gabbana

Gorgeously retro, what with the neutral shadow, liquid liner, and red (and nude) lips.

2. Max Mara

Matteo Valle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Again, understated with a dash of retro (Also, Gigi Hadid sure killed it at Max Mara, didn't she?).

3. Fendi

Who knew such supremely messy liner could look so gorgeous? Here's hoping this becomes the next trend (think of all the time we'd save!).

4. Emilio Pucci

All natural... with the help of some falsies (and some truly gorgeous mauve lipstick), of course.

5. Giamba Paris

Giambattista Valli's new line, Giamba Paris, definitely won in the creativity department.

6. Armani

Another natural look — until you take a closer look at that cut crease, that is.

7. Missoni

Bold brows and a clean face ruled the runways at Missoni.

Images: Getty Images; Instagram