'Finding Carter' Season 2 Has An Ominous Tagline, But What Does It Mean?

Will Season 2 of Finding Carter untangle its own web of lies? If we can trust the new season's ominous tagline, then the long-held secrets are about to be revealed — and it won't be pretty. Season 1 gave us mere hints at the real reason why Lori kidnapped then three-year-old Carter, but Season 2 is ready to crack the truth wide open, no matter the cost. According to the promos for the Season 2, Finding Carter 's new tagline is "the truth will tear you apart," which, naturally, made fans on Twitter freak out. What exactly is this truth? Who will it tear apart? And, of course, what will it mean for Carter and the rest of the Wilson family?

While the show is built on secrets, the most obvious secret that this tagline could point to is the one between David, Carter's dad, and Lori, her kidnapper. Star Kathryn Prescott even hinted that the connection between these two people will be a crux for Season 2, stating at a TV conference that we will hear about their backstory in the new season. So what secrets could be tearing the family apart in the new promo? Here's what David might reveal in Season 2 that could spark the promised chaos.

David Had An Affair With Lori

This one seems like the most obvious answer. Lori showed Carter a picture of a sleeping David in the Season 1 finale, which hinted that perhaps these two were more than the acquaintances David led us to believe they were. The only thing that gives me pause is whether or not the affair would be so earth-shattering. David's wife was having a long affair with her partner, so it's not like word of the affair would break apart their marriage due to infidelity. If David did have an affair with the unstable Lori, wouldn't he have told the police that so he could get his daughter back? Anything would be better than losing her forever.

David Let Lori Take Carter

This would rock anyone's world. What if David did have an affair with Lori and planned to run away with her and his children, but backed out at the last minute? A brokenhearted Lori took Carter, and instead of meeting up with Taylor and David as David promised, Lori and Carter started their own life away from the Wilson family.

David Used Carter's Kidnapping To Make Money

I've had this personal conspiracy theory for a while now, and it goes like this: David staged Carter's kidnapping to collect ransom money. We know that Elizabeth's parents are wealthy and that they would have gladly supported a cause to get their granddaughter back. What if struggling writer David decided to have Lori "kidnap" his daughter so he could collect some funds to keep his family afloat? It would have been an ill-fated, terrible plan, but not exactly an evil one — David simply picked the wrong crazy person to faux-kidnap his child. If that's true, then David is to blame for years of heartache, which would certainly tear his family apart.

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