'Fifty Shades of Grey' & 'Batman' Mash-Up Proves Women's & Men's Fantasies Are The Same — VIDEO

We all know the old saying, "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus," right? We also all know that it's total hoo-ha. Sure, from time to time, the menfolk seem to be living on a different planet, but then again, so does my mom and she and I have the same parts. So there goes that theory. Further debunking the whole notion that men and women are just soooooo different is the perfectly-edited Fifty Shades of Grey and Batman mash-up, Fifty Shades of Wayne. In this fake, but totally believable trailer, Christian Grey is swapped out for Bruce Wayne and the results are both hilarious and eye-opening.

For starters, Fifty Shades of Grey and Batman are supposed to tap into women's and men's deepest fantasies. For us ladyfolk it's naughty-naughty sex things and for the fellas it's living out the dream of being a dark and broody superhero with tons of money and cars. But when you actually see the two films mixed up together, they're pretty darn streamlined. There's a playboy bachelor, a quiet, but enlightening woman who opens up his cold icy heart, plenty of childhood/parent issues at the core...and toys. Lots and lots of toys. Bruce Wayne rocks a bat rubber suit (with nipples and abds detailed in) while Christian Grey has a red room of BDSM items.

Who can spot the differences? Anyone? Anyone? The fact of the matter is, women who love Fifty Shades are often dismissed as lonely cat people...and yet the guys get away with idolizing a rich jerk with a bat fetish? Fantasies are fantasies, let's not judge by gender and just let our freak flags and bat signals fly.

Now someone go write a crime-fighting sex den enthusiast ASAP.

See the video here: