Want To See Kanye Wearing A Onesie? Now You Can

by May Sofi

It's no secret that Kanye West is a big fan of fashion. His recent Adidas line launched at New York Fashion Week (featuring a range of weird sheer bodysuits), coupled with his outlandish personal style, prove that he strives to be unique and a little out there. After all, he did start that whole kilt trend, remember? I'm pretty sure that as long it's "high-fashion" Kanye will wear it — even if it's a llama-printed onesie. Thanks to one very creative Redditor, we can now envision the rapper sporting such a thing. The "Kanye Is Fashion" thread features photoshopped pictures of Kanye West wearing a variety of hilarious outfits, including that lama-printed onesie, and it will literally make you LOL.

Amongst the mix of "fashion-forward" designs donned by the rapper are an oversized knit head-scarf that looks like something you swaddle a baby in, a three-headed teddy bear jumper thing, and what looks to be actual diapers. Is someone trying to imply that Kanye is childlike? I sense an underlying "baby" theme... To make this even more amazing, Kanye is pictured rocking his signature "resting bitch face." Angry Kanye in a fringe piano sweater is literally gold. I don't exactly know who started this but whoever you are, I love you.

Take a look for yourself.