8 Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Is So Good For You

Don't get me wrong: Pajamas can be a whole lot of fun. There are so many different styles, including the mega-adorable onesie option. And sometimes their use transcends bedtime with Rihanna recently giving us inspiration to attempt pulling off PJs in public. I'm all for comfort, but I gotta detonate a truth bomb, y'all: The most comfortable clothes you can possibly wear are no clothes at all. Meaning, the key to the best sleep / life ever involves heading to bed totally nude.

People spend a whole lot of time worrying about how to book a better night's sleep. Loads of research goes into what kind of food ranks pro over lulling us to sleep. We spend a lot of energy learning ways to productively sleep next to our partner without sacrificing the quality of our sleep. As a whole, we are basically obsessed with nailing this whole sleep thing, which makes perfect sense. What other activity can you think of that actually makes us want to put our phone away? We are more in love with sleep than just about anything else. Besides the promise of enhanced rest (#necessary), skipping clothes at bedtime can usher a whole mess of benefits into your life. Seriously, it goes further than the snooze button. And it doesn't stop at the chance to renew your skin or the decently increased possibility for more orgasms:

Sleeping naked is good for your skin

We trap our skin all damn day under horrible society-mandated items like pants. Ugh, pants. Why, when we are constantly lamenting how much we hate pants, would be CHOOSE to wear them while doing the one activity where they aren't required? The best is our pants-free sanctuary—who is going to opt out of that kind of sweet freedom? Also, allowing your skin several hours each night to truly breathe—free from constraints that keep sweat, oil, and other bodily fluids super close to your pores—helps clear up skin.

It amps up your self-esteem

It's shocking how so many of us actively hide from our own bodies. We don't just dress to cover up the parts of our bodies we don't feel super confident about from the rest of the world, but also from ourselves. If we can't see our bodies, then we don't have to confront our feelings about them. This, clearly, is not the best way to solve any problem. Being naked more often (and when you're sleeping totally counts) is a wonderful step towards confronting your relationship with your body, addressing any problems in that relationship head-on, and moving past them. Pretty soon, you and your beautiful body are going to be BFFs. Plus, when you regularly spend time sans skivvies and or any type of clothing, it'll start to feel normal. Being naked feels as natural as it should so by default, you're more comfortable in your own skin.

You'll have less laundry

Parsing out various oversized band shirts for snoozing only adds to your weekly laundry load. Cut back on the stack and go nude into the sack.

It'll force you to wash your bedsheets more

OK—so in a way, you might have more laundry. But really, most people practice super gross hygiene when it comes to keeping their beds clean. Martha Stewart says frequency should be based on personal preference but you really should wash 'em at least once a week. Because in reality, most people go around a month between cycles. YOU GUYS. This is gross. If you think of sheets the same way you would any type of clothing, going a week between washes is the absolute ceiling on what's acceptable.

It can make your sleep more deeply

You don't have to stress sweatpants getting all waded up in weird, uncomfortable way. In addition to dodging tangled drawstrings, keeping a cooler body temperature overall promotes deep sleep and avoid developing insomnia.

You have an excuse to buy a dope robe

I'd be lost without my amazing robe. Since you sleep naked, obviously you need a quick clothing option should a delivery come early or, I don't know, you don't have a great set of blinds. Either way, let's shop it up.

It strengthens your relationship

If you live with a partner or have a frequent sleepover habit with one (or more than one; do you), this practice actually seems to facilitate increased happiness and harmony in the relationship. Repeat skin-to-skin contact promotes joy via endorphins. Science!

You'll (probably) get laid more

Think about it: you're both already naked so, like...why not?

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