9 'Community' Season 6 Trailer Moments So Epic, They’re Dean-lightful — VIDEO

You better wash and iron your Greendale Human Being t-shirt, because the sixth season of the show about a community college study group is about to make its comeback. And, duh, you're going to want to look your best for its big day. After NBC kicked Community to the curb in 2014, Yahoo! swooped in and gave the beloved series a new home. On March 17, Community: Age of Yahoo will commence. Tuesday, the first trailer for the upcoming season hit the Internet, and boy howdy, is it ever action-packed. “Everything is new, but nothing’s Chang-ed,” the trailer voiceover promises. (Not to be “that guy”, but come on, voiceover dude. Some things have definitely changed, er, Chang-ed.) What should we expect from this new chapter in the Community story? Will Season 6 rule or drool? Uh, I have yet to watch the season, so I can't answer any of those questions. However, I do know this much: I am so happy to see Jeff, Britta, Annie, Abed, Chang, and Dean Pelton again.

According to the Season 6 trailer, there will be new additions to the study group, Greendale will have to deal with what appears to be the opposite of a frisbee shortage, and Chang either has the most severe allergy to cats in the history of humankind or he gets bitten by a radioactive feline. (My prediction: Chang turns into a superhero named Catman.)

My favorite moments from the trailer? So glad you asked. I will list them now.

When this pun happens:

When everything that is happening here happens:

Especially this noble Dalmatian statue:

When Dean Pelton makes this face when asked if the school gave a degree to a dog:

When everything that is happening here happens:

When this robo-demon costume happens:

When Annie and Abed react to Chang's horrendously infection hand:

When the crowd literally recoils in fear after Chang claps his hands together:

Oh, how I've missed all of the Dean and Chang puns.

Images: Yahoo! Screen (10)