Get Your Cute On Courtesy Of 'Shark Tank's Frill

I was never in a sorority (the closest I got was watching movies like Legally Blonde) so I don't completely understand the allure, but one thing I do understand is wanting to look good no matter what occasion you've got going on. The clothing company Frill, which will be on Shark Tank on Friday, March 6, specializes in providing stylish, unified outfit options for sororities. Founded by Kate Steadman and Sharon Bui in 2012, Frill offers mix-and-match pieces like skirts, tank tops, tube tops, and sashes from sizes 00 to 28. With trendy colors and lots of customization, Frill was made to help outfit a large group.

Frill is for events where you need to match — and still want to look modern (which can be a struggle). Not only does the company provide clothing for sororities, but they also have bridesmaids attire (and matching ties and cummerbunds for groomsmen), jewelry, hats, and everyday wear. They even have pillows that would fit perfectly in a dorm room. The March 6 episode of Shark Tank is featuring all products made in America and in the promo video, it appears Mark Cuban is telling Bui and Steadman, "You guys are the American dream. That's exactly why we do this show."

While Cuban's response to Frill looks promising, what selling points will Frill be pitching on Shark Tank?

Frill Wants Clothing To Be Stylish — And Affordable

Founder Bui told Ask Miss A, "I was tired of be [sic] required to buy expensive and unflattering recruitment clothing every year. As a consumer, I wanted recruitment clothing to be more affordable, stylish and flattering." All of Frill's current offerings are available to order on their website right now, with many of the sorority skirts ranging in price from $30-40 and bridesmaids skirts ranging from $45-100, although most of the pieces can be custom ordered based on the amount you need. And if the bulk order price is still cost prohibitive, Frill offers payment plans or a "budget-friendly" option.

The Founders Get Personally Involved

Bui and Steadman started Frill while they were still in college and Bui was in a sorority herself, so the duo understands the unique challenges that sororities face when needing clothing for events. Miss A wrote that "Bui and Steadman have made it their mission to have a personal connection with each customer." And Bui confirmed that sentiment when she said, "I almost cried when our first chapter told us how much they enjoyed the dresses. It was so gratifying to make a difference in their chapter."

The Company Is Charitable

Frill says it is "custom clothing for a cause" and the company stands by that statement. Founder Steadman had cancer as a child and went to Disney World through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, while Bui's sorority supported Make-A-Wish. Frill continues with that philanthropic nature by donating $1 of each product a sorority orders to the charity that the sorority supports.

With affordable separates, Frill seems like a no-brainer for sororities, but will the Sharks feel the same way? Tune into ABC on March 6 to see if Bui and Steadman will get the Sharks' backing.

Images: Adam Rose/ABC; Giphy (4)