Do Not Say These Things To Someone With Piercings

I’ve had my ears pierced since I was a baby. And up until I turned 12, I had been content with the two studs I wore everyday. They were simple, but after awhile, too simple. I grew curious as to what I would look like if I added more jewelry to my ears (and eventually my face). To my mother's dismay, I begged her everyday to let me get my second holes pierced until, finally, she took me to Claire’s to get my second set of piercings. Of course, it wasn't long after my second holes had healed that I was already planning my next body modification.

By the time I was 18, I had eleven piercings and had also begun stretching my ears. I loved how each new earring adorned my face. I also loved the idea that, if I ever got bored, I could always add some more piercings or simply remove them. I love all of my piercings and have yet to regret getting any of them done.

I do, however, hate the commentary and questions. It's been seven years since I've gotten my first "unconventional" piercing that sparked the beginning of the incessant remarks. And as I've added more to my body, the worse they've become.

I recall bumping into a woman who seemed fairly pleasant at first. She began complimenting how beautiful I looked, but how I would look so much better without my piercings. Of course, she said she only wanted to let me know "out of the kindness of her heart," but I was completely taken aback. Did she really think it was alright to say that? Apparently. And she hasn't been the only one.

So many people feel they have the right to say mean, strange, or annoying comments and questions to those of us who rock unique piercings on our ears or on other parts of our bodies. They don't realize that this is disrespectful, as it is shaming a person's way of self-expression. For those of us who adorn our bodies with lovely jewelry, I'm sure you've heard these lines before. For those of you who don't have piercings but have friends who do, be sure to never say the following 10 things to them. Just don't.

1. "You'd look better without your ears stretched."

... or whatever piercing they've decided to comment on today. I hadn't realized my lip piercings or tunnels were distracting you from my beautiful face.

2. "Did you do it for attention?"

Sure, you can believe that if it makes you feel better.

3. "They won't shrink back to normal. You've ruined your ears!"

You do know that I don't ever plan on letting them shrink? I'm quite content in the size I've "ruined" them.

4. "You won't be able to get a job."

Thank you for feeding into the old and prejudice notion that having body mods makes someone not suitable for the professional world. It insinuates that we can’t be taken seriously, which is bogus.

5. "You know those scar, right?"

Yes, I am aware.

6. "How did your parents react?"

Could you please stop asking this?! I've had my piercings for almost seven years. How my parents reacted is irrelevant.

7. "No one's going to find you attractive with those."

I'd hope that the person I date wouldn't care. Heck, he might even like them. Better yet, he might have his own!

8. "That looks trashy."

Thanks for your input.

9. "It's just a phase. You'll grow out of it."

Maybe, but it's unlikely. Please stop hoping for that.

10. "What will your kids think?"

I think they'll be okay.

Images: BingBangNYC/Instagram; uxud/Flickr, cheyrawhoof/Flickr, Tumblr (10)