Who Is Luke Evans? 'Beauty And The Beast's Gaston Couldn't Be Less Like The Villain In Real Life

Get excited, fans of fairy tales and Emma Watson. Disney's live-action reboot of the classic Beauty and the Beast may have its Gaston. DRUMROLL, PLEASE!! It's supposedly none other than extremely handsome actor, Luke Evans. In the event that his name doesn't ring a bell, you may be asking yourself: who is Luke Evans? You have to admit that he has a very pleasing and rugged face, but is he right to play the Disney proto-bro that is Gaston?

Nothing is finalized yet, but Variety reports that Evans is in talks to play the machismo, chest-thumping villain of the beloved story of Belle (who will be played by your dear friend Emma Watson) and her unlikely boyfriend, a literal beast. Production is set to start on the film later this year, and no release date has been set yet, but the film will be directed by Bill Condon, director of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2, Dreamgirls, and Kinsey.

While this devastatingly handsome actor may not be a household name yet, he has a few blockbusters under his belt. According to his IMDb page, Evans has been active in Hollywood since 2003, meaning that he's been acting for over a decade. Some of his credits include Fast and the Furious 6, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The Three Musketeers, and plenty more. Most recently, he played the lead role of Vlad in 2014's Dracula Untold. ICYMI, here he is as sword-slinging Prince, Vlad the Impaler.

OK, so I'm guessing he can bring some of that aggressive energy to Gaston, no? Furthermore, he has experience playing villains. As it turns out, he played Shaw, the bad guy, in Fast and the Furious 6. OoOoOoOo, he's so menacing!!

How 'bout in his personal life? Is he the kind of womanizing playboy you would imagine Gaston to be in contemporary society. Well, not really. Evans seems to be a happy-go-lucky fellow in his personal life. For starters, he appears to be friends with Ellie Goulding. Don't freak out though, guys. It seems that Evans may be single.

Furthermore, he seems to adore cupcakes...


And his grandparents. GAW!!

All in all, it seems like he's probably nothing like Gaston in his essence, but his experience playing fantasy princes and modern-day villains has probably prepared him for the challenge of bringing Gaston to the silver screen.