'Game Of Thrones' Meets Taylor Swift

Yes, yep, this was meant to be: A parody paired Game Of Thrones and Taylor Swift at last. It's Internet law: Two popular things cannot exist in the same universe without being mashed up. In this case, it's a "Blank Space" parody in which George R. R. Martin dances around with Daenerys Targaryen while singing about all the characters he's killed. It's pretty fitting.

Although I do have a few ways we could up the ante now that the Taylor Swift Game Of Thrones potential has been exposed to the light of day:

For one, Taylor Swift herself needs to dress up like Daenerys Targaryen. I will not rest until this happens. (And now that we're mulling it, does Swift even watch Game Of Thrones? We need the answer to this ASAP.) Also, in the meantime, I'm gonna need murdery renditions of "Blank Space" from Arya Stark (training to assassinate people), Margaery Tyrell (rising in power by using men with her badass tact), and Sansa Stark (who could definitely relate to the misunderstood rep at the heart of "Blank Space." The opportunities here, they are plentiful.

While we're waiting for those to exist, though, this is a very solid way to spend a few minutes. Applause to Nerdist Presents for making this and to Nick Mundy and Emily Rudd for starring in it.