Inconsolable Baby Is Only Soothed By "Blank Space"

After watching her balance a cat on one hand walking down a flight of stairs, I am already convinced Taylor Swift is a magical being, and now we can add one more super power to that mounting list: She has the power to control babies. Well, maybe not all babies, but certainly this screaming baby who is instantly soothed by "Blank Space." Six-month-old Rosie is bawling her little baby lungs out (because WOE IS INFANCY and eating and napping are hard, guys), but the instant the hit 1989 song comes on, all of her sadness is instantly cured. I have never seen a baby stop crying this fast in my life and I have been watching babies pretty much since I was upright enough to hold one.

Is this the #ParentingHack we've all been waiting for? Maybe, at least for all the future Swifties out there. Every parent's mission should be to find whichever Billboard 100 artist will make their offspring's face go this happily slack, because everybody's lives would improve and all I need is for a Bruno Mars-loving baby to sing "uptown, funk you up" in an adorable voice to make my existence mean something.

Really, though, I feel like Rosie and I would be best friends and should meet immediately, because I can't count the number of times my own brain has been screaming and Taylor Swift has come to the rescue. We have so much in common! And when we're besties, we can go meet up with the moms who did the "Shake It Off" Pinterest parody, because we should take an opportunity to go full circle on Taylor Swift making lives a little bit easier for parents everywhere.

Here's the video of Rosie and her adorable fangirling:

And, of course, Taylor herself weighing in:

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