Will Kevin & Will Get Together On 'Nashville'? They Have A Ton Of Chemistry

Ever since they introduced his character to the show, his entire love life has been an unfair mess, so I have to say that I am seriously gunning for the possibility of Will Lexington getting together with his new songwriting partner Kevin Bicks on Nashville . Nobody watching Wednesday's episode could deny the obvious chemistry the two of them shared from the instant that Will walked into that songwriting session. Besides, there is nothing better than the trope of a love story that starts with two characters totally stiff and rude to each other, before slowly warming up.

Yes, Will was being an undeniable jerk, but to be fair, he is under a ton of pressure and did seem to feel bad for being so hard on Kevin once they'd penned their first gem together. If we don't hear the song that they wrote next week I'm going to be super bummed, because even just knowing the subject matter, it already sounds like it could be a total hit. And if they're already making beautiful music together, then clearly they have the chemistry to launch what might be the first healthy, legitimately happy relationship Will has ever had on the show. Basically I am crossing all my fingers and toes for them.

Another reason to be obsessed with this potential relationship is that I foresee one killer duet in the near future. Kevin is played by none other than broadway star Kyle Dean Massey, who recently finished up his run on the show Pippin and has the voice of an actual angel (I am speaking from firsthand experience on this matter). How could their voices together be anything but amazing?

Between Deacon's cancer and all the political shenanigans, Nashville already has plenty of drama for one season, so to balance it out, maybe these two can get together and spread a little faith in humanity again. Regardless, we already know they're about to spread some noteworthy music we can't wait to hear.

Image: Mark Levine/ABC