Leonardo DiCaprio Denies Dating Rhianna, But This Vague Statement Won't Kill The Romance Rumors

This is tragic news for anyone who was heavily invested in the bizarre new couple that is Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna. If rumors are to be believed, the actor and the pop star have been casually hanging out, casually dating, and casually making out for a while now — all while the rest of us are scratching our heads and trying to figure out how they're even a real thing. However, they might not actually be a real thing. According to the Los Angeles Times, DiCaprio's rep denied that he and Rihanna are dating in a statement issued on Tuesday. The actor's real relationship status? Supah single.

Rihanna and DiCaprio, who have been romantically linked to one another since January (yes, two whole months of this!), have been spotted at party after party together without being photographed. Our first picture of the pair came from TMZ at Rihanna's 27th birthday party, and it depicted the two doing nothing more saucy than just standing near each other in a crowd. Thus, people were split on whether to believe they were even a thing (like Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence) or whether to support the clearly fleeting, FWB nature of their relationship (like Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez). The bizarre celebrity couple epidemic is sweeping the nation, you guys.


The statement from his rep cut right to the point: "A rep for DiCaprio told the Los Angeles Times that the actor 'is single and has been for some time,' adding that he's 'been focused shooting' Oscar-winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu's adventure drama The Revenant in Canada 'for months.'" Excuse me if I'm already skeptical. After all, being focused on shooting The Revenant in Canada doesn't seem to have stopped him from party-hopping (at least one time of which has been photographically confirmed to have been with Rihanna), so that excuse is out.

More importantly, just because DiCaprio is single doesn't mean that he and Rihanna aren't romantically involved. The key word in the rumors about their relationship has been the word "casual," because the two are allegedly just having fun with each other rather than looking for serious commitment. DiCaprio is not Rihanna's boyfriend; Rihanna is not DiCaprio's girlfriend. They could both be technically single while still having fun with each other here and there when their schedules allow. I mean, they're two consenting adults. It's how the world works.

I don't want to give false hope to the RihCaprio 'shippers out there in the world, but I wouldn't take a vague statement from DiCaprio's rep as the final authority on their relationship status. Whether they decide to make things official or just let things quietly die out between them, their coupling is something we'll all be talking about for quite a few years to come. It takes a lot to be a stranger and more unexpected hook up than Martin and Lawrence, you know?

Image: Getty Images