What Do Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio Talk About When They're Alone? Soccer & Man Buns?

Well, it finally happened. At her birthday party, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna were finally photographed together, and the pics were released by TMZ on Monday. So I guess it's safe to say that they are actually dating. Or at least that they're hooking up on a semi-regular basis. Well, I can't actually conclude either of those things based on one blurry photograph, but I can hope the rumors are true. I do have to say that coming through for a special occasion in someone's life, like a birthday, is a pretty big deal when it comes to defining the hook-up/dating situation. The fact that they were, at long last, photographed together could be a sign that there is something significant going on, even if it may be temporary.

Personally, I am still thrown off by this pairing. It's not too crazy to think that these two players hooked up, but the fact that they keep hanging out is just so strange to me. What do they have in common? What do Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio talk about when they're alone together? I have no idea how deep their romantic interaction goes, but knowing these two, I'd guess that this is more of a casual thing.

Nevertheless, no matter how informal or easygoing this interaction is, the two need to exchange words at some point. And I cannot help wondering what they talk about. Here are a few ideas of topics they might chat about over drinks.


It is not surprising that DiCaprio and Rihanna crossed paths at some point. If you follow Rihanna on Instagram, it is very clear that the singer loves to get a little wild, and DiCaprio is a notorious party animal. I wonder if these two can even keep up with each other at the club.



Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with buns. I have always felt like putting my hair in a bun was a sign that I have given up on life, or at least that day. But, Rihanna and DiCaprio are starting to get me to change my viewpoint, if only a teeny bit. The actor has really helped popularize the man bun movement. And Rihanna wore her hair in a little bun at the Grammy Awards this year. So if the conversation dies out, someone can just ask for hair tie to overcome any awkwardness.


Rihanna was the unofficial commentator for the World Cup this past summer. I didn't even watch any of the games and I still knew what was going on thanks to RiRi's live Twitter updates and match appearances. She even partied with the German team after the big win and took photos with the actual World Cup trophy. I don't know if he made it to any of the matches, but DiCaprio had a major rager on a super yacht to celebrate the sporting event. I could definitely see these two celebrating the sport together.


Rihanna's Instagram was shut down because she would not comply with censorship rules by posting some racy, naked pictures. During her absence from the social network, RiRi took her sass to Twitter, and Instagram was just not the same without her. DiCaprio is no stranger to censorship himself — his film The Wolf of Wall Street was highly criticized for its use of the "f-word." In fact, the movie broke a record for the most swearing in one film. Needless to say, DiCaprio and Rihanna are no strangers to censorship and criticism. It's also clear that neither one is going to let anyone tell them how to live life, personally or professionally. They will be naked and curse whenever they want (and probably do so together).


Given Rihanna and DiCaprio's notoriously wild antics, it's a little surprising that anyone would entrust either of them with children, but just that has happened: both of them are godparents. Rihanna is the godmother for her adorable niece Majesty, and based on Majesty's presence in the RiRi's social media posts, the two spend a lot of time together. Rihanna even seems to get along well with the one and only Blue Ivy Carter. As for DiCaprio, he is the godfather to Toby Maguire's daughter, Ruby. If people felt comfortable letting the singer and actor watch their children, then there must be a more nurturing side to both of these publicly wild figures.


People are pretty critical of this duo's personal lives, but they actually do contribute a lot of great things to society. DiCaprio is an avid environmentalist, winning the Clinton Global Citizen Award in September 2014. Rihanna has her own charity called The Clara Lionel Foundation with a mission to “improve the quality of life for communities globally in the areas of health, education, arts, and culture.”

I have no idea how long this Lihanna pairing is going to last, but maybe there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. They actually do have some things in common, so their union definitely has the potential to be more than just hot hook-ups and heavy partying.

Image: Getty Images