Draco & Lucius Respond To Kim's Hair

It's the hair dye job heard 'round the world. Thanks to Kim Kardashian's bleached hair, we can't stop talking about the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's look. Ever since photos were unmasked of Kardashian walking around with that slicked back bleach blonde hair, well, she's been making headlines. In all honesty, what else is new? When doesn't she make the front page? Of course, everyone can't help but give their opinion on her look, while others, including Jared Leto, are upstaging her with their very own blonde hair. You know who else is commenting? Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs, aka Draco and Lucius Malfoy, respectively.

That's right, the Malfoys have spoken! How could you not expect them to? Throughout the entire Harry Potter franchise, the two sported some of the best movie hair ever. Not only did Felton pull off that slicked back, yet slimy, look as Harry Potter's tormentor, but so did Isaacs with his long, blonde locks, while he was busy serving Voldemort and running away scared.

Now, the two are expressing themselves via social media about Kardashian's hair. I know you might have hated the two (well, their characters) in the movies and books, but you're going to love this father/son duo after you read their posts.

First up, we have Felton/Draco. Here's his Instagram post:

Not only do we get a glimpse of Kardashian as a Slytherin, but we also get to see Felton's witty side with his photo caption, which reads: "So apparently Kanye has a Draco fetish....#muse." Well done, Draco. Well done.

Next, we have Isaacs/Lucius. Here's his tweet:

Like his son, he also showed us his sense of humor and gave us some insight to where his wig went. Plus, apparently he had plastic surgery, as a way to hide from the Dark Lord.

So it's official, Draco and Lucius are the best. I never thought I'd say that.