Everything We Know About The 'OUAT' Author

Now that Frozen is behind us, this season of Once Upon A Time has really gone back to its roots. Truly, the Once Upon A Time story book and its author have been a mystery since Season 1. I'm glad the show is finally tackling it head on. Who is this author? How could someone so integral to the lives of these characters and the curses they create be such a mystery? Is a dapper, Don Draper/Howard Stark-looking type of man going to reveal himself to be Walt Disney, the OUAT author? I would die.

The only thing that bugs me about this plot arc is that it seems a bit too convenient that both Rumplestiltskin and Regina would separately come to the same conclusion that the author of the OUAT book holds the answer to their problems . Plus, there are no counter arguments just yet. Does anyone not want them to find the author? Where is the conflict? I don't think the Once Upon A Time characters have ever worked together on a project for this long.

However, the author's mansion has only recently arrived in Storybrooke. The stars have aligned, if you will, and more will be revealed. Over the past season, we've started to learn more about this author and who they are. Before that, we were lead to believe that the Once Upon A Time book appeared in Mary Margaret's (enviable) apartment when both she and Henry needed it most. Here is everything we know about its scribe, with gender neutral pronouns, so far.

They Had The Sorcerer's Hat

There are a few Fantasia connections surrounding the author. Not only did the author have the hat after it passed through Rumplestiltskin, the Apprentice, Ingrid the Snow Queen, and Anna of Arendelle's hands, but the beast that escaped from the hat is also a demon called the Chernabog from the musical film.

On Hook's info board for the Sorcerer's Hat mystery, he notes that the Apprentice's house was owned by "Yen Sid." Now, that is the name given to the Sorcerer in Fantasia. The inside joke is that "Yen Sid" is "Disney" spelled backwards, like Oprah and Harpo Productions. However, as user FrancisPaul pointed out in an online forum, "yensid" is also an anagram of Sidney... like Sidney Glass. Could he be the author? I would expect nothing less of Giancarlo Esposito, to be quite honest.

Could any other Fantasia characters appear before this season is over? Please say centaurs, please say centaurs!

Their House Arrived At The Same Time As Zelena

This bugged me way back at the beginning of this season. Belle clearly stated that that house was not in Storybrooke until the last curse. Granted, she was locked in the basement of the psych ward during the first curse, but still. The last curse that brought our friends to Storybrooke was created to escape Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West. Why did the author choose this time to set up camp? Since Rebecca Mader has been spotted on the set of Once Upon A Time, it appears that my suspicions were well-founded! However, this is all still a little is odd, because...

They Have Not Been Seen In Many Years

At least, that's what Mother Superior/The Blue Fairy claimed. I don't quite trust that fairy. She was rude to Tinkerbell and Grumpy's girlfriend and I have not forgotten!

They Have Blank Books

In the midseason finale, Henry discovered a library full of already-bound blank books.

They're A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Fan

Remember the page that Robin found, showing an alternative ending for him and Regina? Suspicious. Last week, we learned that Regina has pasted together and hidden the page (23, for all you Lost fans). In fact, even Will Scarlett, the Knave from Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, has a page that looks suspiciously like the story book. How far does this thing spread?

They May Be In Cahoots With Pinocchio

Remember the Season 1 episode "What Happened To Frederick," when August Booth added his childhood history to the book? Back then, we thought he was the author. In fact, he specifically told Emma that he was a writer who came to Storybrooke for "inspiration." Now that Pinocchio has turned back into a little boy, that seems less likely.

However, this begs the question — can anyone be the author? Is it the words, the binding, or the creator that makes the magic?

They Like Boats

This is just something I noticed when Belle and Rumple were wandering around the mansion. There is a lot of nautical decor.

There May Be Breadcrumbs

The Blue Fairy also suggested last week that clues may have been left in the book to explain the author's absence.

Bonus: They May Be Related To Lily

This is just my personal theory; you can take it or leave it. Remember Lily, the cool girl that befriended Emma when they were tweens? Emma was devastated to learn that she was not an orphan, just a bored runaway. However, I want to focus on the lake house that the two kids "broke into." Knowing what we know now, that was definitely Lily's family summer home, right? It was decorated in an oddly similar fashion to the Author's mansion in Storybrooke.

What if Lily's father is the author, or Lily herself? As much as it sucks for Emma, I like the fact that nothing in her life was ever a coincidence and every person she encountered in the real world was in some way preparing her for her heroic destiny.

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