This 'Cheetah Girls' Reunion Is EVERYTHING

It's time to dig out your cheetah-print headband and matching velour tracksuit. The Cheetah Girls are back...sort of! It's been 12 years since the cheetah-licious movie debuted on Disney Channel, but on Monday's upcoming episode of The Real, former Cheetah Girls costars Adrienne Bailon and Raven-Symoné reunite. E! shared a clip of the reunion, and it's a childhood dream come true.

To start out, Raven walks on the talk show set and busts out a classic Cheetah Girls move. Bailon reacts with a combination of shock and awe. "Oh, my God, why did I think this was a hot move?" she says, before getting up and joining Raven's choreography, flailing their arms all over the place. "Everyone that watched Cheetah Girl movies will understand!"

After they regain their composure, Bailon is still ecstatic and says, "They should've seen us back there. I climb on top of this girl and gave her the biggest hug of life. We go way back! It's a Chuchie and Bubbles reunion." Of course she had to refer to them by their characters' nicknames! Plus, as Raven pointed out, they first met when they were 15, so it's been a long time.

So what have they been up to since their Disney days? Bailon recently announced her engagement to Lenny Santiago in the cutest way, in addition to killing it on a variety of projects right now. Meanwhile, Raven-Symone has guest roles lined up on TV shows Empire and black-ish.

Even though they've grown up, cohost Loni Love asked if Raven has any Cheetah Girl left in her. Her response is PERFECT:

Everybody has strength and power as a female, and everybody has friendship and understanding within them.

Preach! For nostalgia's sake, here's a look back at a few of the best Cheetah Girl anthems.

"Girl Power"

Their message about girl power is still relevant years later.


This song about unrealistic expectations from fairy tales has way more depth than you'd expect in a Disney Channel Original Movie. It's awesome!

"Cheetah Sisters"

The finale from the first movie proves they're Cheetah sisters for life.