Hilary Duff Throws Haylie A Perfect Baby Shower

What better way to celebrate a new baby than cake pops and flower crowns? Haylie Duff is expecting her first child with fiancé Matt Rosenberg, so of course she deserved a proper celebration. Unsurprisingly, her famous sister Hilary Duff didn't disappoint! According to People, Hilary Duff and her mom Susan threw Haylie a baby shower on Saturday. The party was picture-perfect. Even though Hilary is making a comeback with new music and a TV show, she should totally consider a back-up career as an event planner.

At the outdoor party, there were mini cupcakes, macarons, cake pops, and artisan ice cream creations from Steve's Ice Cream. Besides the desserts (even though that's easily the most important part), there was a build-your-own bouquet wagon from The Bouqs, featuring colorful, fresh flowers. The guest list included Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Lacey Chabert (aka Gretchen Wieners), Lauren Conrad, Joanna Garcia, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. It sounds like the perfect group!

According to People, a source said, "Haylie was on cloud nine. She is so excited to be a mom — you could see it all over her face!" She also conveyed that excitement in her Instagram posts after the event, where she thanked everyone who was a part of it.

The spring-themed event is seriously FOMO-inducing for those of us who still have snow on our sidewalks. Try to control your envy as you check out the adorable baby shower photos below!

Haylie's Video Recap

Props to Haylie for picking the absolute perfect song for the background of this Flipagram.

The Desserts

I would like to eat all of this, please!

An Important Party Guest

A dog and a flower crown, what more could you want?

Luca's Cameo

It's adorable that Hilary Duff's son Luca stopped by the party too.

Photo Booth

Whoever thought of this cut-out photo booth is a genius!


Sadly my invite must've gotten lost in the mail... But a huge congrats to Haylie and Matt!