Is Jax Lying About Miami On 'Vanderpump Rules'?

Oh, Jax. Since the beginning of time (Season 1 of Vanderpump Rules) we've always been graced with Jax's weird policy on honesty. In that, there is no policy in honesty in his mind. In Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules , Jax became the only guy on the cast who knew (or didn't know) what happened with Tom Sandoval in Miami. This was probably great news for Sandoval, as no one really believes anything Jax says. Initially, Jax told Kristen that Tom and "Miami Girl" (as she was known on the show) hooked up, but then he took it back. Then Jax rescinded his initial story and said he knows Tom and Miami Girl had sex. So what is it?

Well, we'll probably always have two sides of the story. Jax's (current) side of the story is that Tom Sandoval and Miami Girl did have sex. Tom's side of the story is that they didn't. At this point, Tom would look like a major idiot saying he was lying after months of saying he hadn't cheated on Ariana (he'd look like Jax, basically, a la Season 1).

OK, let's say that Jax is telling the truth and that Tom and Miami Girl had a fling. He is risking major friendship points with Tom by taking Kristen's side in the story. Plus, it would make sense that it took Jax this long to admit the truth if he was just trying to protect Tom from the very beginning. Kristen has said she has texts to prove that Jax initially told her that Tom and Miami Girl happened, so if Jax felt bad (and wanted to help his friend out) he could have said he was lying about it and that he has no idea what happened between Tom and Miami Girl.

And he did. But then at the dinner from Hell that Kristen forced people to attend, Jax admitted that he had lied and that he heard Tom and Miami Girl having sex. Why is he just now coming clean? Maybe it's because Kristen had acquired so much "proof" that this scandal happened that Jax was just ready for it to be done and said "Yeah, Sandoval hooked up with Miami Girl."

Another reason I would argue that Jax is telling the truth about Miami, or at least thinks he is telling the truth about Miami (no one knows what happens behind closed doors, after all), is how Jax held Miami over Tom's head all season. During the Bachelor/Bachelorette weekend for Shay and Scheana, Jax brought up Miami in a threatening way of "I'll tell people what happened in Miami." Actually, that might be exactly what he said. Tom would always say, "NOTHING HAPPENED," but I don't really get why Jax would keep bringing it up as if it were blackmail if he really didn't think anything happened.

And why is Tom still friends with Jax if Jax made up this gigantic lie about Tom cheating? I never thought I would say it... But could Jax Taylor actually be telling the truth?

Images: Nicole Wilder/Bravo (2)