Your Feelings On The 'Gilmore' Boys: Then vs. Now

by Rachel Semigran

When I first discovered Gilmore Girls, I was a teenager surfing the channels before begrudgingly heading to my mall job. Watching the show quickly became a routine, and mornings with Gilmore Girls started my day with pep, caffeine, feminist badassery, and plenty of romantic drama. During those good ol' days, I felt more akin to Rory, as I, too, was a bookworm, a high school newspaper editor, and forever in love with guys who could rock a leather jacket. But now, as a 28-year-old who graduated college just when the economy crashed, I find myself watching Gilmore Girls and relating to Lorelai, rather than Rory.

A little older, a little more jaded, but still hopeful (and still with a thing for guys with leather jackets) I am happy in my closer-in-age to Lorelai status. A decade plus of dating and working will do that to ya. And during my current Gilmore Girls rewatches, I've noticed that my feelings about the fellas of Stars Hollow have done a complete 180, too. Gone are the days of swooning over Jess and here are the days of wondering why everyone thought Logan was a jerk.

This is how I feel about the Gilmore guys when I watched it as a teen vs. how I watch it now. I'm sure you can relate.


Then: That hair! That smile! That boy-next-door pefection! He's the one Rory, he's the one FOREVER!

Now: First loves are always hard to forget, but boy oh boy was he clingy toward the end. If only Dean knew then what he knows now. Trust is the most important thing. Without it, you'll get jealous and end up ruining a great thing with all of that smothering. Dean really was great for so long. He was loyal, patient, and bowed down to the Gilmore powers that be. He just didn't grow up at the same speed as Rory.


Then: Dark. Brooding. Poetic. He really gets Rory, you know? He has this thing inside of him that only Rory sees and that makes them perfect together. If only he could let the whole world know that he's sensitive and actually cares about his future in some way. He has goals, they just don't fit into the conformist's idea of normal!

Now: We ALL fell for a Jess when we were 17. Heck, even as twentysomethings, the Jess-types have their appeal. They're never boring and they'll challenge you. But Jess wanted to do things on HIS terms and was way too selfish for a woman as independent and smart as Rory. Sorry Jess, to be with a gal like that, you have to let them shine, too. And get a hair cut, young man!


Then: He's grumpy, but in a funny way! The right woman has been there all along, how has he never noticed?

Now: Oh, the Luke/Lorelai thing was there from the pilot. Stop suppressing all of your feelings Luke, it'll give you an ulcer. But still, he's great guy who is always there. At the end of the day, that's all you really want.


Then: DILF

Now: DILF... but not one I'd like to marry.


Then: Yeah Lorelai, stick it to your parents!

Now: Oh your family hates that guy? Bad idea. Listen to your parents, they know you better than you know yourself.


Then: CUTIE IN THE DORM ALERT! Bonus points for great taste in music and movies.

Now: Nice guy complex! ABORT! ABORT!


Then: Dating your daughter's teacher? EWWWW.

Now: Meeting people is impossible. Parent-teacher conferences are a hot ticket, people! Also sometimes you do need to date pie.


Then: I never thought guys in overalls were cute... until now!

Now: A man who loves food as much as I do... and he adores me... and he gets feminism... and he's got that beardy/huggable thing going? SIGN ME UP.


Then: Yeah, he's handsome, rich, and successful but does he spiritually fulfill Rory's needs?

Now: Honey, he loves you, supports your career goals, and wants to give you everything. Sounds great to me.

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