The Knowles Sisters Both Slayed In This Trench

My sister and I are totally different sizes, so sharing a closet when we were growing up was [mostly] completely out of the question and also really impractical. I've always dreamed of having a sister who I could easily swap clothes with, pretty much doubling my wardrobe for zero extra dollars (more money for lattes!). But clearly, being a Knowles sister just doubles the sweetness of that situation — you know, considering that they're two of the best-dressed women in the world. While their styles are generally quite different from one another and they're each a style icon in their own right, they seem to have found common ground when they both rocked this gorgeous colorblocked Harbison trench.

Proving that "who wore it better" is a pointless question, the sisters each put their own spin on the coat and gave it a totally different look both times. With a bold and distinctive coat like this, it's the perfect inspo for rocking a statement trench yourself. Go all-out like Bey with trendy sunglasses, a bold floral print, a furry clutch, and colorful platforms for a special occasion or evening out. For a romantic dinner or to simply look fresher than everyone else during the day, rock Solange's minimalist look and wear structured and monochrome open toed shoes.

Despite the fact that their closets are both filled with enviable threads from designers who are established and emerging alike, they probably aren't sharing this trench and I'm pretty sure that they have more than enough money to buy all the lattes they like.

Images: Getty; Twitter