Is 'Bachelor' Chris Actually Engaged?

by Nicole Pomarico

Monday night is finally the night we've been waiting for: The Bachelor finale, when we'll finally find out if Chris Soules decided to propose to Becca or Whitney — and even though Chris hasn't been my favorite bachelor ever, I'm still excited to see what happens. Whitney and Becca both seem like good matches for Chris (despite the fact that they could both do way better) and regardless of anything else that might have happened, the finale is always one of the best episodes of the season. So ahead of Chris making his big decision, it's time to get down to a little investigating, especially since the ABC promo has unsurprisingly made it seem like Chris might not have popped the question to anyone. Is Chris engaged now that The Bachelor has wrapped?

Knowing who Chris is and what I've learned from him this season, I think my hypothesis is that he is, in fact, engaged. Chris is very marriage-minded, and often mentions how important starting a family as soon as possible is to him, so I'm confident that he would choose to propose to either Becca or Whitney, especially since he's said multiple times that he's falling in love with both of them. Obviously something goes down in the finale that will make him realize why one of them is more meant for him than the other, but at this point, it's anybody's guess.

And while Chris hasn't come right out and admitted that he's engaged, he has said that he did find love on the show. With who, Chris? I need to know! We're about to find out, but I can't wait that long. And since I'm a little impatient, it's time to look for clues on Chris, Becca, and Whitney's social media accounts. Of course, they're not supposed to drop clues, but don't they always?

Unfortunately, Chris' twitter and Instagram are both devoid of all clues, although he does only post Instagram photos with women who have been eliminated. Not sure if that's something that's in his contract or not, but it's definitely interesting to note that neither Becca nor Whitney are anywhere to be seen in any of his photos.

And as for Becca? She and Kaitlyn definitely seem to be buddy-buddy these days — and I don't see that happening if Becca is the one Chris is engaged to, because of how deeply hurt Kaitlyn was when she was eliminated. Not because of anything petty, but because why would you ever be friends with the woman your "ex" chose to marry over you? If she and Becca have both been written off by Chris, they can bond over that. Besides, they're both adorable.

Here's what I find most interesting: Whitney is the only woman this season who has posted intimate photos of her and Chris en masse — not just stills, but personal photos that had to be taken by members of the crew, like this one from the wedding they crashed toward the beginning of the season.

I don't know about you, but if I've been rejected on national television, I'm far more likely to share photos of me and the bach looking more like friends, rather than kissing or in a passionate embrace.

All clues at this point seem to point toward Whitney, but if I'm wrong, it wouldn't be the first time this show threw me a major curveball. We just have to pour the wine and wait. We can do this!

Image: Jean Whiteside/ABC