'Gotham' Won't Darken Our Doorstep For A While

Last we saw, Jim Gordon owed a mighty big favor to Penguin (no questions asked) after he assisted the detective in his latest takedown. But what exactly that favor will entail is a question that's unfortunately going to have to be placed on the backburner for quite some time because Gotham isn't returning until April 13. No, you aren't reading that wrong. This FOX hit series will be on hiatus for well over a month, which is almost as torturous as seeing Fish Mooney spoon out her own eye. (What? I said almost.) And while I'd much rather prefer to get on with the good stuff right away — patience has never been my strong suit, folks — we at least have plenty to still look forward to when the show comes back. (Let's not forget that Milo Ventimiglia is scheduled to appear.)

That said, however, it's return will also be somewhat bittersweet now that we know Fish Mooney will not be returning for Season 2 — at least in a series regular capacity. So I'm not entirely ready yet to say goodbye after this final stretch to the Season 1 finale. (OK, so I'll never actually be ready to say goodbye. But still!) So, as a way to keep ourselves distracted throughout this Gotham-less month, I've taken the liberty of coming up with a few suggestions that should help make the time fly right by. Such as…

Re-Watch The Batman Movies

Now that we're getting a clearer sense of each character's background, it could be fun to go back to where you originally encountered these friends and foes to see if you can find any hidden Easter eggs throughout. Plus, having a little more Jack Nicholson in your life is always a smart decision to make. No joke.

Catch Up On Some Reading

Whether that be in regards to DC comics, the newspaper, or even Fifty Shades of Grey, I'll leave that up to you. No judgements.

Obsess Over A Different Hero Series

Might I suggest something that involves a salmon ladder and glorious six pack?

Work On That Umbrella Game

The Penguin's got nothing on you.

Embark On A Road Trip

Hey, just because Gotham insists on putting its adventures on pause, doesn't mean you have to. Go out there and do some thrill seeking of your own. The sky's the limit!

But seriously, Gotham — come back soon, will ya?

Images: Justin Stephens/FOX; Wifflegif (4)